10 layered short hairstyles for round faces that cover all flaws

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woman wearing brown crew-neck shirt standing in front of green leaves

You are bored with the old hairstyle and want to “makeover” your look to become trendy and stylish. However, your round, chubby face always makes it difficult for you to choose the right hairstyle. What do you think about the layered hairstyle that has been storming in recent years? Let BeautyStyleHub refer to you 10 short layered hairstyles for round faces to see if this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Layered short hair for round faces
    If you like short, neat hair, then immediately develop a short layered hairstyle for round faces; this divine hairstyle will help elongate the neck so that your round face becomes much slimmer. You can keep your hair straight, curl, curl, leave your bangs loose or long, etc. You can also create effects for your hair by coloring or creating hairline volume to make the hair more attractive.
  2. Korean-style layered short hair for round faces

Korean-style layered short hair, although appearing for a long time, has never been old or out of date. This hairstyle has always been welcomed by women and given special favor because it can suit many faces, especially round-faced girls. The short layered hair for round faces in Korean style highlights the well-trimmed, slightly curly ends with natural flying bangs. You just need to choose the suitable dye cleverly to have a modern and personal look but equally attractive.

Long layered hair curls the letter C
 tóc layer dài uốn chữ C  cho nàng mặt tròn

If you have a round face and constantly pursue a gentle feminine style, long layered C-curved hair is the most suitable choice. The long hair is cut in layers, and the tail is slightly curled to help the face become slimmer, more harmonious, and balanced. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it is straightforward to care for, especially suitable for busy girls.

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Short layered hair without bangs
woman wearing black frame sunglasses

Layered short hair for a round face without bangs is also a suggestion. Suppose you have a headache choosing a hairstyle. The well-trimmed, highly artistic bangless hair helps your face be miniaturized and harmonized while creating a dynamic and confident appearance. In particular, this hairstyle can also help you hack your age significantly if you know how to choose a fashionable and appropriate dye.

Concealer layered wavy hair
woman in black top

Layered hair is inherently the number 1 choice for round-faced girls. Of course, you can also enhance your beauty if you choose a wavy-layer hairstyle. Hair is gently curled to help you become more beautiful than ever. With a wavy layer hairstyle, you can combine with long bangs or thin bangs to effectively conceal face defects.

Layered bob haircut for round faces
women wearing blue denim jacket

Layered short hair for round faces with a bob hairstyle helps the beginning look slimmer and highlights a dynamic and modern look. This is the reason why young and personality girls cannot refuse this hairstyle. Don’t forget to choose the right bangs, soft, thin bangs, or luxurious long bangs that match your style and preferences to become more prominent.

Short shoulder-length layered hair for round faces

Layered short hair for a round face trimmed to shoulder length is also considered a national hairstyle that fascinates many girls. The most exciting thing is that this hairstyle can suit all styles, from gentle to personality. This hairstyle is a variation of classic layered hair. With shoulder-length, the hairstyle helps to overcome the disadvantages on the face thoroughly and gives a youthful appearance, cheating age.

Long layered straight hair
woman with blonde hair looking at the camera

If you are new to short hair, long straight layered hair is also a safe option to try. The hairstyle is trimmed in layers, naturally straightened, helping to enhance the harmonious and delicate beauty of the face. If you want to stand out, more youthful, you can choose for yourself a suitable dye.

Short layered hair for round faces with curled tails
woman in red long sleeve shirt holding hair blower

It’s still a short layered hairstyle for round faces, but curling cups modify the ends of the hair. Layered hair before perm will help conceal round face better. This is also considered an “easy” hairstyle because it suits almost anything from cute to influential personality.

Lob layered hair for round faces
woman in white shirt looking at the sun

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