4 things you shoud know in using teeth whitening powder

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Teeth whitening powder is one of the most effective at-home teeth whitening methods. However, because the product is in direct contact with the oral cavity, it can easily cause unwanted side effects. So when using teeth whitening powder, you must pay attention to the following things!

The effectiveness of teeth whitening powder

Teeth whitening powder is a powder that contains chemical components such as Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Aqua … which react to release deep into the interdental spaces and roots to remove plaque and tartar. Teeth, yellow stains on teeth when meeting water.

Thanks to this mechanism of action, teeth whitening powder can whiten teeth more. However, this does not mean that just using it; you will have white porcelain teeth. The use of whitening powder and the whiteness of teeth also depend on the location of each person.

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Risk of enamel erosion

The whitening effect is that, but with unexpected cases taking place in reality, no one dares to guarantee the absolute safety of teeth whitening powder. The main ingredients of teeth whitening powder are all “bleachers”; although they are allowed to be used, they will still risk enamel erosion if you abuse them too much.

Having gingivitis due to using teeth whitening powder
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The gum area around the teeth is very vulnerable, and when using a large amount of bleaching powder, increasing the concentration of bleach can lead to gum irritation. Symptoms when using teeth whitening powder too much are inflamed, red, swollen gums, and worse, leading to blistering and peeling of the skin. If you don’t want to “problem” your teeth and have to endure terrible pain, it’s best to consult a specialist, doctor before using teeth whitening powder!

Who can’t use teeth whitening powder?

Teeth whitening powder, although it only has an impact on the outside of the teeth, but also leaves consequences inside the roots and gums, so the user needs to be very careful. Here are the cases when you should not use teeth whitening powder:

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  • People who are suffering from diseases of the oral cavity, such as canker sores, shingles in the mouth
  • People who often suffer from gingivitis
  • People with tooth decay
  • Teeth whitening is essential, but don’t get too excited without considering the safety and possible harms of whitening powder.

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