5 Ideas on How to Remove Scars

5 Ideas on How to Remove Scars

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5 Ideas on How to Remove Scars

But before resigning ourselves, we will find different solutions. Scars are the sign that your body has been fighting bacteria on the skin and has acted by overlapping layers and more layers of skin to protect that wound on the face, arm, or leg. To be able to eliminate them, especially, eliminate the scars that remain from acne, these ideas can be used and thus remove the scars from the middle, or at least, blur them.

1 Olive oil

With a swab or a clean cloth, with olive oil, rub the scar gently. You have to be there for a long time. This does not mean that when you remove the cloth, suddenly, the scar is not there, but the olive oil will keep it hydrated and patiently, the scar will blur a lot.

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2 Homemade microdermabrasion

Rest assured, we are not going to build our own laser, or anything like that. Using a cotton swab, soak it with an alcohol-rich cologne and rub for a while. When you remove it, you will see that it is reddened. Nothing happens, it’s normal. you have taken away, almost forcibly, the dead skin and the darkest. You will only need a few days, so that those scars of wounds on the face, have disappeared.

3 Lemon juice

It’s simple. Take the lemon juice, with pulp and everything and with a cotton disc apply it on the scar. Let it act until it dries out. Remove with warm water and a clean cloth. Repeat this operation several times a week, you will see how they leave. It is best for acne scars, because it is also antiseptic and will cleanse the pores of the skin of your face from bacteria.

4 Steroids

This is recommended in case where the scars are larger and darker and that no matter how much lemon or olive oil is poured, that does not improve. It is not a very invasive treatment. In the dermatological clinic you inject steroids into the affected area and your skin, it will act in a positive way, because it will begin to peel and new and clean skin will appear.

5 Shea butter

You can find it in pharmacies or parapharmacies. This butter promotes skin rejuvenation, without being invasive. You will get the scar to go away within a few weeks, thanks to the fact that it keeps it hydrated and in a continuous process of rejuvenation.

With these simple ideas, you will get the scars to fade and, over time, leave your skin. But you need patience and follow a routine, almost religious. Perseverance will be your ally.

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