5 steps Zoom Makeup for her when studying online, working from home

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Your image seems to be very “poor” and somewhat tired when appearing on Zoom online classes or video calls with colleagues. So let’s join Dep 365 to “learn” makeup to stay pretty on Zoom meetings or online classes!

1. Skincare before Makeup
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Applying simple but highly effective day and night skincare steps is what she must do. Whether day or night, this seems to be an indispensable habit of women. Limiting going out makes us seem depressed, not paying too much attention, and neglecting to care for our appearance and skin. This will make the skin look incredibly dull and “poor” every time the video calls.

Therefore, girls do not forget to apply lotion every day. Or use 2-in-1 skincare products that include makeup to help you increase your beauty every time you show up. Refer to the Top 12 best face whitening creams for acne-prone skin.

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2. Zoom makeup – conceal skin imperfections

According to makeup experts, you need to pay attention to skin makeup to own a fresh face on Zoom. You can follow the following sequence to own an eye-catching appearance in online classes and meetings instantly:

Use concealer to cover blemishes, dark spots, or uneven skin tone. This will help you look more radiant and beautiful when you have flawless skin. It would be best to choose the concealer with the best coverage today to have the perfect foundation.

Apply BB Cream: This is a reasonable choice for skin that is convenient and does not have too many defects. Applying BB cream will help the skin be covered with a smooth but fragile foundation. If you don’t have BB cream, you can also use foundation instead. Don’t miss this Top 10 best-selling affordable BB Cream in 2021!

Use highlighter: According to makeup experts, highlighter powder will help your face become more apparent and glittering every time you take a picture. However, it would help if you only used powders with fine shimmer particles to spread on the cheekbones and forehead. Avoid applying too much powder, and it will make your face look oily.

zoom makeup concealer

Concealer on skin with foundation (Source: Internet)

Another helpful tip for you is to take advantage of the light from the balcony or window. When there is enough light, incredibly natural light, it will help each face contour to be brighter and more radiant.

3. Zoom Makeup – eye makeup

In addition to taking care of the skin and helping them to become more even when on the picture, the eyes are one of the points on the face that you need to pay attention to. It is often said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” A beautiful eye will be a lifesaver to help you get more photogenic in every frame.

Use eyeshadows with natural tones to cover dark circles on the eyelids and help reduce eye fatigue. Apply the powder all over the lids and the bottom lashes.

Eyeliner is one of the “great tricks” to make the eyes more round. So, don’t forget this step when applying makeup before your Zoom lessons! And can not ignore the practical assistant of the central girls, Top 10 long-lasting and easiest eyeliners.

Apply Mascara to make your eyes more round and prominent with curved and thick eyelashes. Combine eyeliner and Mascara if you want a sharp and apparent look on the frame. Black from eyeliner and Mascara helps create a contrast between eye color and skin that will make your face sharper and more impressive.

eye makeup

Choosing the right eye color (Source: Internet)

In particular, do not skip the eyebrow step. Beautiful 365 indeed; no one wants to appear on Zoom with “disappeared” eyebrows, right!

4. Blush
brown makeup brush in front pink powder on glass case

Blush is one of the secrets to keeping your face bright in every frame. Choose natural tones such as peach orange; peach pink will help correct the look and increase the rosy, radiant. However, you should not overdo this powder, but just apply a light layer to create a natural effect without being too “excessive.”

5. Lipstick
selective focus photography of woman holding lipstick

After all, lipstick is always one of the indispensable steps in our beauty. However, lipstick color will partly determine your face. So to look natural, makeup like no makeup, use colored lip balm. Or prioritize lipstick colors with natural tones and avoid warm nude colors!

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