feminine hygiene period time, menstrual cycle

7 Best Organic Sanitary Pads Now

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feminine hygiene period time, menstrual cycle
feminine hygiene period time, menstrual cycle

In general, most women have a love-hate relationship with sanitary pads. These itchy products drive us crazy at times, but we depend on them to hold our feminine juices in place. However, we can turn it into a love-love relationship if we want to. Therefore, thanks to the godsend organic pads! To sum up, they are everything our lady bits need and deserve!

That is to say; organic sanitary pads are made from natural, breathable materials. Of course, this means no plastic, pesticides, synthetic materials, or ANYTHING potentially harmful to the vagina. Consequently, they protect your bits with the utmost care, keeping infections and rashes at bay. Also, they’re eco-friendly, so they prevent pollution at large.

7 Best Organic Pads

There are many options when it comes to organic sanitary pads. However, different brands work best for other people. By all means, we did research and found the seven best organic hygienic pads out there:

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1. Cora Ultra Thin Pads

$9 at Amazon

Cora pads have a cashmere-soft feel owing to their pure cotton composition. Moreover, these pads are free from toxic chemicals, fragrances, dyes, and non-biodegradable materials. Despite being extremely thin, they can hold up to 10 times their weight. Therefore, they’re an excellent option for women who have heavy periods. As a result, no wonder why they made it to our list of 7 best organic pads!

2. L. Organic Pads

$34 at Amazon

The company L. ultra-thin pads are made from hypoallergenic cotton. Not to mention these super absorbent organic sanitary pads work best for active workers and people who get irritated with any trace of wetness. In other words, they have no toxic substances associated with conventional pads. What’s more, these pads’ production is cruelty-free, giving them their much-deserved ethical reputation.

3. Organyc

$16 at Amazon

If you’re someone who experiences fluctuations in period flow, Organyc is your go-to option! Not to mention, they come in a plethora of sizes and shapes, panty liners, post-maternity size, overnighters, etc. What’s more, a single pack is enough for months (one box contains a hefty amount of 60 pads). It can be seen, made of 100% organic cotton and free from dyes and synthetic materials.

4. Seventh Generation

$4 at Amazon

These are hands down the BEST organic sanitary maxi pads out there. Unlike shifty conventional maxi pads, they fit right between your legs. Therefore, their perfect adhesive quality and chlorine-free composition make them the first choice of maxi pad users.

5. Veeda

$14 at Amazon

These ultra-thin pads carefully protect your sensitive bits. Equally important, they’re specially designed to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions. Also, they have no fragrances, irritants, dyes, or synthetics. Above all, these pads are delicate yet challenging, holding up even in sweaty seasons.

6. OI

$12 at Amazon

Led on by females, this brand indeed doesn’t compromise on feminine hygiene! In the first place, safe, not synthetic, OI organic sanitary pads primarily work best for women with a light period flow. After all, these super-soft panty-liners contain 100% cotton and almost no synthetics.

7. Rael

$12 at Amazon

Rael is unquestionably one of the best-selling sanitary pads on Amazon. Also, for good reasons. As well as the pads are composed of 100% pure (USDA certified) cotton. Not to mention, they’re highly absorbent, perfect for medium-heavy flow. Moreover, they’re dermatologically tested. All in all, they’re comfortable and super protective.

Final Word

As a result, choose from the seven best organic pads (listed above) if you care about your feminine hygiene. Then your lady bits will thank you forever!

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