7 steps to make a spectacular makeover on the rare Xmas occasion

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Family dinners, meals, and parties will probably appear on her schedule more densely than other days of the year this Christmas season. This means that the body is preparing to tolerate many “festive” foods and drinks such as turkey, wine, etc.

And if last year she “neglected” to eat uncontrollably, affecting her weight and inherent shimmering appearance, don’t worry, because this year we have accompanied you to get back “the what was lost.”

This article is a gift just for you: a 7-step schedule for a spectacular Christmas makeover!

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Step 1: Massage/Exfoliate
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Treating yourself to a head-to-toe scrub is the first thing you should do before you burn all your money on Christmas presents for friends. Winter will make your skin rough; exfoliating not only helps remove that ugly layer of skin but also helps blood circulation to give you smooth, white, and vibrant skin.

Step 2: Take care of your skin

Are the echoes of Halloween’s all-night parties still haunting you with dark circles under your eyes and dull, acne-prone skin? Then quickly restore your skin’s energy right away if you don’t want the Christmas party to become a disaster. Exfoliate regularly, increase moisturizers for the skin, and creams restore the skin’s luminosity. If your skin is irritated, it is best to consult a trusted skincare professional to receive appropriate care advice.

Step 3: Dye and cut hair
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Make sure you schedule your Christmas Hair Spa reservation early, or you’ll have to wait a long time for your turn! If you are “secret” to your hairstyle, just ask the skilled workers at the salon, maybe you will find a new look that is highly suitable for you, what if you have not thought of it yourself?! In addition, you should also take care of your hair with products for oily hair; planning the proper care will help you quickly own shiny and attractive hair this Christmas season.

Step 4: Waxing
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If you haven’t used permanent hair removal, now is the best time to think about removing the viola areas of your body. Using gentle hair removal methods combined with creams will give you smooth, silky skin for the year-end party.

Step 5: Shaping the eyebrows

It would help if you treated the sparse hairs on your eyebrows right in the afternoon of Christmas Day to ensure the red irritation will disappear by evening. Combined with the right color tone for the face, your eyebrows will become charming as a premise for the makeup steps to become even more perfect.

Step 6: Spray tan

The tanned skin color of the honey cake is always an impressive highlight at parties. Why don’t you try your sexy brown skin before the party starts tonight? If you have time, you can use fake tanning products that work after 24 hours. In addition, you can also use instant tanning products, combined with the use of Dove Summer Revive Lotion products, to make the brown color shine to the standard color and stay longer.

Step 7: Manicure
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To keep your nails perfect before the Christmas party, don’t forget the last step is a manicure. Choosing the classic red color will be highly suitable for the festive atmosphere. Also, if you want to be a little different, try switching to silver or powder blue with a bit of snowflake dot on the top of the nail. It will be very eye-catching.

And on Christmas day, don’t forget to bring:

  • A pair of flat sandals – In case your favorite high-heels suddenly “fail.”
  • Spray deodorant and perfume – To stay fresh 24/7 during the busy holiday season
  • Red lipstick – to always be ready when someone asks

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