1 Causes of skin blemishes

8 ideas to remove stains on the skin

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Body and facial spots are not rare. Many people have them, although you have to differentiate between different types of spots. Spots are changes in the pigmentation of the skin.

There are some that are not eliminated, such as moles and freckles, and then there are others that can be eliminated, to a greater or lesser extent. Among them we find the cloth (melasma), sun spots and age spots.

1 Causes of skin blemishes

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1 Causes of skin blemishes

The causes of spots are varied, they can arise for genetic reasons, due to hormonal changes (for example pregnancy), damage caused by sun exposure, a diet poor in nutrients, liver diseases, etc.

According to the type of spots are distinguished:

  • Solar lentigines: They are so called because they appear as the years go by, and after prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. This should not be associated with burns and is that they are commonly associated with aging. Not to be confused with vitiligio, since it usually appears at an early age and without necessarily having taken too much sun, being the purely aesthetic and protective treatments of said white skin.
  • Melasma: It is a reaction of our body producing a large number of hormones, due to acne, acute inflammation, herpes, etc. all of them are known as post-inflammatory hypermigmentation, reaching discolor the skin when they become evident.
  • There are other types of spots that although they may have different origins are associated with the previous ones, such as those produced by consuming tobacco, stress and other conditions that make our body unable to regenerate the layer of our epidermis well.

If you suffer from these spots you can spend a lot of money on creams or you can apply any of the effective natural remedies that we propose in this article to achieve a uniform skin tone, without spots and imperfections.

It is important that you are careful when applying these remedies since some of them (and in certain circumstances) can stain the skin more, for example when exposed to the sun. If you have any questions, the best thing you can do is consult with a dermatologist.

2 Remedy for spots in general (from the whole body)

You need a Mayo onion (its scientific name is hymenocallis harrisiana) and you will try to grate it so that all its juice comes out. Wet the juice with a cotton ball and pass it through the stains before going to bed. The next morning you shower or wash the areas where you rubbed the onion. Do it every day and with the passing of the weeks you will notice that the stain will become less visible, until it disappears.

It can be included even when pregnant, and is that these remedies to not have medication do not usually give side effects, as advised in embarazoybebes.top, since it is important to take care not only of the skin, but other aspects of you and your baby.

3 Yucca for spots on the face

3 Yucca for spots on the face

Cassava, cassava or tapioca is very effective in mitigating or making the spots disappear from the face. You have to crush the raw cassava and puree it, then we will apply it on the face trying to form a kind of mask. You can also make a natural scrub, adding sugar to cassava juice, pass it for a few minutes on the face and rinse. This remedy with cassava is very effective in removing acne scars.

4 Yogurt and carrot mask

Both yogurt and carrot have proven to be very helpful for removing blemishes on the skin. You have to apply the natural yogurt on the stains and place carrot slices on top. This “mask” should be left on for a few minutes and then removed and rinsed with water. You can also make a mask by mixing yogurt with grated carrot.

5 Lemon to remove stains and scars

5 Lemon to remove stains and scars

The main component of lemon is citric acid, which is useful for exfoliating the skin and whitening it slightly. Thanks to this action it eliminates dead cells and helps the different skin tones to become uniform.

To use it properly you have to squeeze a lemon, dip a cotton ball in its juice and apply it on the stains. Leave on for five minutes and clarify.

Eye! It is very important not to apply this remedy when you are going to expose yourself to the sun’s rays since it can be counterproductive and cause even more spots, since there is the so-called phytophotodermatitis, which occurs when the acid of the lemon joins with the ultraviolet rays causing these burns.

6 Aloe vera for white spots on the face

Aloe Vera is an almost miraculous plant for all skin conditions. It is also effective in lightening skin blemishes. You have to extract a little of its pulp and apply it daily on the spots. Little by little you are mitigating. You can also prevent spots caused by the sun, smearing its gel on the skin, after sun exposure.

It is effective even with cases of pityriasis and vitiligio, getting them to disappear after a continuous treatment, being able to use aloe in a mask with, for example, lemon juice, thus giving it a good hydration that allows to soften the layer of the skin and clean impurities.

7 Castor oil

It is used to treat mostly lentigines and is slow-acting, meaning you may not see results until after the first 4-6 weeks of treatment.

It is applied directly to the skin, twice a day, and can be mixed with baking soda.

8 Onion juice

Simply by putting the grated fresh onion juice on the skin, you will notice how it is repaired and the spots disappear. You can wash it a little earlier so that it does not make you want to cry so much.

You can also create a good mask by adding apple cider vinegar to the mixture, being 20 ml for each ingredient, even reducing expression lines in addition to eliminating facial spots.

9 Methylsulfonylmethane

8 ideas to remove stains on the skin

Although it may seem like a complicated name, you can easily find it in products such as garlic, turnips and wheat germ. By taking a lot of this, what is achieved is that the cell walls are more flexible and the symptoms of aging are delayed more.

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