9 Ways to eat super effective weight loss avocado and detailed menu

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Avocado possesses an abundant nutrient content, does not cause fat, and can support weight loss very well. So it’s not surprising that people give avocado the title “queen” of superfoods. So what is the best way to eat avocado to lose weight? Let’s join Beautiful 365 to discover the following article right away!

  1. Weight loss effect of avocado
    The avocado will contain 73% water, 8.5% fiber, and 2% protein, and the energy level for 100 grams of butter will be 160 calories. Possessing a rich content of monounsaturated fat – 10 times more than similar foods, along with groups of vitamins, has made avocados an indispensable companion in weight loss diets.

eat avocado to lose weight
Weight loss effect of avocado (Source: internet)
Fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6 in avocados help reduce the body’s harmful cholesterol levels, inhibit hunger, and effectively reduce fat. From there, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.
Avocado oil can help reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome that causes weight gain.
Increase carotenoids’ content and other antioxidants up to 3 to 5 times when combining avocado with salad. This compound can help the body fight cancer cells and oxidative stress.
Avocados also prevent the risk of vision loss because of containing gluten, fatty acids, and groups of vitamins.
Eating avocado creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, inhibits extreme hunger, and promotes digestive activity. Thereby helping you lose weight effectively.

  1. How to eat avocado to lose weight you should not ignore
    2.1 Should eat a combination of protein and butter
    You should diversify foods to help your body get the total amount of nutrients it needs in your weight loss diet. You can combine with some protein-rich food groups (lean meat, fish, eggs, milk) or green vegetables to create a super nutritious “duo” with avocado.

How to eat avocado to lose weight you should not ignore
How to eat avocado to lose weight you should not overlook (Source: internet)
Protein and avocado combo menu:

Morning: avocado smoothie with almond milk + 1 hard-boiled egg.
Lunch: Pan-fried salmon with avocado sauce.
Dinner: mixed salad with grilled bacon and sliced ​​avocado.
2.2 Eating avocados on the Keto diet
Keto mode (or LCHF) is currently one of the weight loss regimes applied by many women. In this diet, the diet will follow the rule of high fat and low carb. So avocado will be an extremely excellent food for designing a nutritious diet and effectively supporting weight loss.

2.3 Use butter instead of mayonnaise
Avocado has a highly delicious greasy taste, so you can ultimately use butter to replace other mayonnaise dips when eating with salad or bread. With this way of eating avocado to lose weight, you should not add other fats to your diet, such as cheese, unsalted butter, milk, etc. Because the fat content in butter is very high, adding other fats will make you lose control of the energy of the diet.

butter dishes
Use butter instead of mayonnaise (Source: internet)
Some suggestions for you when using butter to replace dipping sauce:

Mash the butter into a smooth paste. You can add a little pepper, sugar, or salt, depending on your taste and dish.
Use the avocado sauce on toast to replace cheese and unsalted butter.
Use avocado sauce served with salad to replace other spices.
Use the pureed buttercream gravy mix as a snack.
2.4 How much butter should you eat each day?
Butter is rich in fat and high in calories. Therefore, according to nutritionists, you can eat up to 1/2 avocado every day. In each serving, you should calculate the calorie intake to avoid excess calories and cause weight gain.

2.5 Best time to eat avocado
The best time to eat avocados to lose weight is in the morning or at noon. At these times, the body will absorb the necessary nutrients from the avocado without converting the fat into excess fat. Eating avocado in the evening before bedtime will quickly cause a feeling of fullness and indigestion.

2.6 Use butter instead of other fats
If you are a lover of delicious fatty foods, you should definitely not skip this type of food in your weight loss diet. You will definitely have to limit foods high in fat and calories to successfully lose weight, right? So, Dep 365 has an excellent tip to help you enjoy the attractive fatty foods you like!

The trick for you is to replace the fat in the dish with butter. If you love tiramisu, you can substitute the whipped cream for a healthy, low-calorie buttercream. Or use butter as a sauce to accompany other dishes to reduce the body’s calorie and unhealthy fat content.

2.7 Control sugar when eating avocado to lose weight
When eating avocado to lose weight, you also need to control the amount of sugar in the dish to avoid causing weight gain. The sugars here are not just spices. They are also found in some of the following foods:

Starch: bread, rice, vermicelli, rice, potatoes, etc.
Sugary fruits such as grapes, longan, litchi, durian, etc.
Cakes, sweets,…
Energy drinks: soft drinks, canned fruit juices, milk tea, full-fat cream milk, etc.
Sugar control
Control sugar when eating avocado (source: internet)
2.8 Weight loss dishes made from butter
Here are suggestions for weight loss dishes from avocado that you can refer to:

Toast with sliced ​​butter
Avocado smoothie
Butter with less sugar, milk
Baked butter with eggs.
Avocado salad
Butter rice roll
Noodles with avocado sauce
Dessert from butter cheesecake, tiramisu, and brownie.

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2.9. Menu to lose 1kg in 3 days with avocado
Day 1 menu:

Breakfast: 1 cup of unsweetened green tea + 1 vegetable salad with avocado sauce
Snack: A cup of green tea
Lunch: Tuna, tomato, avocado, cucumber salad
Snack: A cup of green tea with cookies
Dinner: Chicken breast and stir-fried vegetables
Day 2 menu:

Before breakfast: a glass of warm honey lemon water
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with 5 slices of avocado + 3 to 5 almonds + ½ apple
Lunch: Chickpea salad with avocado + 1 cup of coconut water
Snack: A cup of green tea + some almonds
Dinner: Avocado toast with salmon
Day 3 menu:

Breakfast: mushroom soup
Snack: a cup of fruit juice of your choice
Lunch: pan-fried salmon + a cup of coconut water
Snack: a cup of green tea + 1 multigrain biscuit
Dinner: Chicken breast stuffed with avocado, asparagus, carrots, and spinach and dessert with fruit.

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