Homemade Remedies For Oily Hair Problems

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What are the different hair types?

There are basically three types of hair: “Dry”, “Oily” and “Normal.” Normal hair can be easy enough to take care of, and dry hair needs moisture added to it. But if you have oily hair, it can be difficult to remove the excess lubrication that causes your hair to look slick and unclean.

Instead of reaching for yet another product on the store shelves, why not try these homemade remedies for oily hair problems? They can save you time, money, and needless frustration!

Oily Hair Remedies

1. Skip the Conditioner

Sometimes when you think you’re doing the right thing for your oily hair, you can actually be making the problem worse. If you’re using a conditioner after each shampoo, this habit can be detrimental to your hair. Because conditioners typically contain lubricants that detangle and moisturize your hair.

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The conditioner may untangle your hair, but you don’t need even more oil on your already oily locks. Your best bet is to skip the conditioner altogether. If you feel you absolutely need it, then use the smallest amount possible on your hair and only rub it into the ends.

2. Shampoo your Hair Daily

Another homemade remedy for oily hair problems is to shampoo your hair on a daily basis. Most likely, you already do that. But here’s the secret: instead of lathering your head up just once with your favorite shampoo, do it twice. Rinse your hair off well in between the washings, and make sure you rinse out all of the suds at the end. The extra washing of your hair will help to remove excess oil.

3. Check your Kitchen Sink and Pantry

For extremely oily hair, use a dishwashing liquid that contains degreasing agents like Dawn®. Just mix two or three drops of the dishwashing liquid into a dab of shampoo in your hand before you begin to wash your hair. Use special caution not to get it in your eyes!

You can also rinse your hair with a quarter cup of vinegar after each washing to help resolve oily hair problems. Since vinegar is naturally acidic it will cut through the oil so you can rinse it away. Another bonus is that it will remove any residue in your hair from shampoo and hair care products you use. Vinegar will add shine to your hair as well.

4. Try Witch Hazel

Rubbing alcohol is an effective homemade remedy for drying up Poison Ivy and minor skin infections. But, you should never use it on your head to try to get rid of oily hair problems. It can severely dry your hair and scalp. You can, however, use Witch Hazel safely on your scalp.

Witch Hazel is an astringent that will help remove excess oil. Simply apply a liberal amount to a cotton ball. Wipe your entire scalp, parting your hair and moving it out of the way, as you go. Depending on how oily your hair is, you may need to use Witch Hazel on a daily basis.

5. Use Cornstarch

And finally, a quick homemade remedy for oily hair problems is to use plain old cornstarch. Simply sprinkle a handful of it onto your hair, making sure to concentrate on your scalp. Gently massage it around so it covers all of your hair. Let it set five minutes, then brush it out!

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