BeautyStyleHub is a great resource tool for when you’re thinking about a new personal tech product or looking for tech tips to improve your daily life and productivity. The website answers many technology questions and lists the best gadgets and gears to get, ranging from the shaver to a computer mouse. Whether you’re debating on the latest technology from Google and Apple, or what the best ice maker machine is, you can find it all here.

Find in-depth reviews on all the best electronics (like cameras and TVs), buying Guides on the latest Cool Gadgets, home appliances, technology, smartphones, computers, health, beauty, and lifestyle products, and whatnot. Also, you can find guides on tech products, cool gadgets, apps, and the internet.

How We Do It

We want you to have the very best, and as tech enthusiasts, we know how difficult it is to find the perfect product. There are so many products and gadgets out there for a certain task, so narrowing down the list can be a daunting task. So why waste your time comparing hundreds of products when you could compare between five-ten? My goal is to take away the hassle of searching through thousands of customer reviews on hundreds of products, making your part quicker and simpler.

So, what we do to chose the best? We have curated a team of tech experts. The team goes through a handful of similar products, spends hours trying them then picks out the best ones according to the result, usability, value, product reviews, and conveniently lists them for you, complete with pros and cons, ratings, price comparisons, and reviews.

We Personally Test Products

Based on customer reviews on sites, we go out and buy the products to test for ourselves. We pride ourselves on our product evaluations, so for you to believe us, we feel it is important to evaluate the products personally. After all, how else are we supposed to trust that they are the best?

Expert Advice

Next, we talk to the experts. Typically, we pair our writers up with topics in their fields of interest or ones that are best suited for them. They physically go out and use the products and evaluate them based on their findings, consumer feedback, and advice from the industry experts, contractors, and other super-users who truly understand the products. These experts are people who handle the products being reviewed in their everyday lives, so what better advice can we get than that? Once we cover this base, the review process begins.

Consumer Feedback

Last, we go to the real experts: you. We consider your advice very highly since you are the ones investing your time and money in these products. Not only do we regularly seek out opinions from our readers, but also, we look at reviews left on sites like Amazon to help us develop a clear evaluation. Reading consumer reviews allows us to determine things like durability, performance, and design flaws, as well as other things to expect from the products we test.

What Truly is the “Best”?

No, the “best” does not always mean the most expensive. When we say the best, we mean the best for you. This could mean that it is a cheaper product with not as many big features, or it could mean it costs a little more, but it has more included. At RouteDeTech, we like to give people options by balancing costs and helping you save money. Does this mean we look for the cheapest products? Not necessarily, we just try to find what’s on sale. Typically, you can find a similar product for cheaper that works just as well; it just requires a little extra digging sometimes.

What if I Want Something Different?

Nine times out of ten, we like having options. Usually, when you walk into a tech store to buy a new smartphone, you aren’t just going to buy the first one you see. You want to compare prices, features, quality—the list goes on. That’s where RouteDeTech comes in handy. We offer listings, giving you alternatives when you just aren’t quite sure what you want. Our site lets you compare all the specifics you want before you enter the store. That way, you don’t have to question one employee’s advice and wonder what exactly all those unhelpful bullet points are describing each device mean.

Why do Many Products Link to Amazon?

Many of us buy from Amazon. Providing links to Amazon not only simplifies the buying process for consumers but also helps support the website. Being frequent Amazon users ourselves, we highly recommend purchasing through the company since most of our information is gathered through many of the customer reviews and prices offered on the shopping site. Yes, we do earn a fee every time you buy a product. We support ourselves and this website from that commission. Does this mean you have to go through Amazon? Certainly not! — feel free to buy directly from the store or on another online site. We’re just here to help make your search a little easier. But we hope you consider supporting us as well.