aesthetic nail designs

Aesthetic nail designs

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One of the fashions that is causing the most effect lately is the “aesthetic” style, which literally means “the aesthetic”. Far from formalisms and classic designs, this new style wanted to bring a bit of color and elegance to the fashion and aesthetic scene and, of course, nails and manicures were not going to be left behind. At a time when kilometric gel nails are more and more the order of the day, nail designs have a whole canvas to unfold and that is why, within the aesthetic culture, they have not wanted to be left behind and there are many different designs.

Play with uneven shapes and transparencies

Aesthetic fashion seeks to stand out for being “properly aesthetic” but it does so through a pop imagery full of color, so we can’t think of a more appropriate design than making uneven lines playing with different pastel colors and the transparencies of the aesthetic itself. nail to create a bubble effect.

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The execution and choice of colors for your aesthetic designs, whether you have short or long nails, must be harmonious but the result seems casual.

Combine designs

The aesthetic is not synonymous with boring and that is why you can allow yourself to play with different designs that, a priori, do not seem to marry much. For example, you can place an animal print design on one of your aesthetic nails, a chess-style grid on another and a symbol or emoticon on the other. The richness is in exploring and making your own design.

Choose an elegant design but with color

Many people like to see their nails perfect and symmetrical and within the aesthetic culture it can be achieved but giving it a special touch. You can play with geometric figures and make short or long aesthetic nail designs with rhombuses or triangles that outline the tip of your nails, but trying to make each nail have a color or playing with color scales.

Turn your nails into emoticons

If there is a reference within current pop culture, it is emoticons. And there is no better surface to capture that than in your aesthetic nail designs. You can use your manicure as a canvas on which to draw different emoticons and drawings with which you feel identified, or even symbols from another era. Of course, always with precision since for it to be aesthetic the result must be “aesthetic”.

Make smile with your little faces on the nails

One of the most recurrent, discreet and fun aesthetic nail designs in manicure is to draw different sizes of smiley faces in white and yellow tones on your nails. The goal is to make them look casual and add a fun touch to your look.

Experience the French manicure

The French manicure is a classic that can be adapted to any type of style. In this case, you can include your short or long aesthetic nail designs within the French technique, a nail edge that plays with different shades of the same color and why not? add some detail like a small heart in the middle of the nail with the same tone or a discreet star. It will give an elegant but sweeter look.

Create Tie Dye styles

The hippie and psychedelic have become fashionable again and within the aesthetic trends it is also included. It can be a bit difficult to design but doing a Tie Dye style drawing on your nails will make you not go unnoticed. Also, thanks to new manicure tools and nail polishes with magnets or oils, you can achieve this effect more easily.

Design a style on fire

The aesthetic is not always about being sweet and delicate, it also has an empowered side and, if that is what you are looking for, you can make an aesthetic nail design with flames that start from the end of your nails. It will seem that everything you touch is on fire and will give a more personal aspect. You can do it in any color you like but I recommend white, more discreet, or orange, stronger.

Combine pastel colors

If you do not want to complicate yourself too much with the design and simply with a simple pass you want to give an aesthetic appearance, one of the best resources is to choose to paint each nail with a color. Of course, you should play to combine these colors within the pastel range, which is the most characteristic of this type of trend. For example, you can combine pastel pink, lilac, yellow, blue and green.

Follow a cute style

If you are not much into quirky styles with many colors, you can give your nails an aesthetic touch by painting them all the same pastel color that you like the most, but then add a design in white tones on top. For example, some drawings of clouds, hearts, birds or little stars.

However, you can also do black aesthetic nail designs or combine a dark color with a light one to generate contrast. Get inspired by our selection of decorated black nail designs.

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