Beeswax what it is for, properties and where to buy it

Beeswax: what it is for, properties and where to buy it

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Bees are the main pollinators of nature, and it is that throughout history, even scientists have been in charge of emphasizing the importance of these precious insects, defending that without bees, we humans would have little hope on Earth. The reason is very simple: without bees there is no pollination, without pollination there is no plant reproduction and without plant reproduction the animal kingdom and humanity would be profoundly affected.

Beeswax what it is for, properties and where to buy it

Wax, as you well know, is the liquid secreted by bees in their honeycombs and hives, but there are infinite uses that can be given to this miraculous product beyond food consumption.

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What is beeswax for?

In ancient times and still today, natural beeswax is considered the main raw material for candle making; formerly the only source of artificial lighting available to humans. However, contrary to popular belief, with industrial and technological development, beeswax has continued to be used for numerous domestic, commercial, and scientific purposes. We talk about some of them:

Beeswax: domestic uses

This beneficial product serves, among other things, as a natural lubricant to open old cabinets, drawers and doors. You can use it in your home to oil hinges and windows, as well as to combat the outbreak of pests in wood.

If you want to prolong the useful life of your furniture, natural beeswax can become your best ally.

Beeswax: medicinal uses

This is an area where beeswax is very versatile, as it is a common ingredient in various salves, ointments, and even suppositories. Beeswax can also be applied directly to the skin to heal wounds and mouth ulcers, and it can even be chewed to combat bad breath, digestive problems and, according to some scientists, to relieve problems caused by sinusitis or asthma.

Beeswax: cosmetic

Beeswax is also a fantastic emollient: for this reason, many cosmetics use it as a skin thickener and softener. It is very common to see natural beeswax among the main ingredients of moisturizing lotions, soaps, creams and even makeup products such as lipsticks.

Also noteworthy are the uses of beeswax for both male and female hair removal and to give shine and resistance to weak cuticles. If you want to discover in more depth how your skin can benefit from this product, do not miss this article on Beeswax skin treatment.

Other uses of beeswax

In addition to the uses that we have mentioned above, it is worth remembering that beeswax is one of the main ingredients for the manufacture of candles, colored pencils, fishing baits, weapons bullets and to sharpen saws and knives. Beeswax is also used to make jewelry and costume jewelry accessories, because due to its properties, the product achieves a concrete and resistant form.

Properties of beeswax

Being a versatile element, beeswax has multiple properties. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones below.

  • Nutritive properties: if this product is used, as we have seen, for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, it is mainly due to its nutritional properties. In addition to being an excellent moisturizer, beeswax protects and softens the skin, acting as a whitener (in the event of stains) and healing wounds and burns. Its antioxidant components also have analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it excellent for preserving the firm appearance of the skin. Beeswax is used to soothe irritated skin, to hydrate the skin, to reduce scars, and to brighten the skin. If you want to know more about how this product can promote the health of your skin, take a look at this article on Properties of beeswax for the skin.
  • Therapeutic properties: being rich in vitamin A, natural beeswax serves as an anti-inflammatory and astringent, which is why it is often recommended for oral care, mainly in the treatment of ulcers, gingivitis, bad breath and to combat effects of smoking. As we have seen, beeswax is also used, thanks to these properties, for the preparation of ointments and suppositories.
  • Scientific properties: beeswax is a product with antioxidant and bacteriostatic properties, which can protect foods (such as cheese) from the attack of toxic microorganisms while they are being transported. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant in bronze objects and serves as a sealant and adhesive, helping to waterproof wood, shoes and grafted plants.

Where to buy beeswax

Throughout the world there are various commercial establishments specialized in the sale of pure and natural beeswax per kilo. However, if you are wondering what the price of beeswax is, you should know that its degree of purity will determine the cost of the product, since it can be found in many different formats.

If you are looking for beeswax in Maradona or Carrefour, you should know that they are two of the places where you can find both the ingredient itself and different products made mainly with beeswax. Another great option is to buy beeswax on Amazon, as the web is an ideal space to find products of this type. If you like to experiment and discover with your own hands the many benefits of this type of natural product, you can also encourage yourself to make a facial cream with beeswax, as we show you in this article.

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