The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Among these ideas for teenage girl gifts there should be something to suit all personalities and tastes

The year is quickly flying by and the holiday season is just around the corner. Of course, we all love receiving gifts for Christmas but it also gives us a lot of pleasure to offer them, and it’s especially satisfying to find exactly the right gifts for those special people in our lives. Teenage girls can be notoriously tricky to buy for as they are past the child stage so have grown out of games and toys, and also because they have a hugely diverse variety of personalities and interests. While some girls will enjoy makeup and hair products, some may be more absorbed by music or reading. Others might be happier to receive pampering gifts that will make them feel cozy, and yet more might like a piece of jewelry, a neat gadget, or perhaps a present that will reflect their love of animals.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to scour the Internet to select our choices of the best Christmas Gift ideas for teenage girls. Hopefully, this means that among this list there is something to suit just about everyone, and we’ve also tried to include Christmas gift suggestions that cover different budgets, for those who want stocking fillers to larger gifts. All prices are correct at the time of writing, and some are on special offer at present, but please note prices are subject to change. Why not take a look through our list and get ready to start shopping!

30 Christmas Gifts for Teenage girls.


[lasso ref=”indiary-leather-journal-notebook-diary-for-girls-13-x-9-5-cm-handmade-paper-flower-pink” id=”1506148″ link_id=”1807″]

The teenage years can be a tumultuous time of life, and writing a journal is a big deal for many teenage girls who want to note their experiences, feelings, and emotions. This beautiful handcrafted high-quality journal has a buffalo leather cover, string fastener, handmade paper, and detailed embossing, and it’s definitely one of the nicest journals that we’ve seen.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.


[lasso ref=”remington-pro-1-1-%c2%bd-conical-barrel-curling-wand-with-advanced-thermal-technology-purple-ci91xsb” id=”1506151″ link_id=”1808″]

After years of straight being the only way to go, curly hair is now making a big comeback. This curling wand comes in blush pink or purple colors and is the perfect gift for the party season. It will help to create long-lasting large curl styles and uses advanced thermal technology to minimize heat damage. It’s also fast to heat up, has a tapered barrel, and comes with a heat protective storage pouch.


[lasso ref=”fujifilm-instax-mini-9-instant-camera-with-instax-groovy-camera-case-flamingo-pink-instax-mini-instant-film-value-pack” id=”1506152″ link_id=”1809″]

Although many of us use smartphones for taking photographs now, there’s still something cool about having a dedicated camera and instant pictures. Teenage girls love a selfie and this camera comes with automatic exposure measurement with a flashing LED that signals the recommended aperture setting for a perfect photo every time. It also features a selfie mirror, a High-Key mode (ideal for portraits), and Macro Lens adapter for close ups (35cm to 50cm). The price quoted is for the Flamingo Pink color but it also comes in a variety of other colors such as Ice Blue, Smokey White, and Lime Green with slightly differing prices, and do remember that you’ll need to purchase the film to go with it. There are also other configurations available such as a value pack, with case, or value pack with case. The latter of these is priced at $110.28 and includes the camera, a case in the same color, and Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Value Pack for 60 images.


[lasso ref=”intelex-cozy-body-boots” id=”1506153″ link_id=”1810″]

There’s something lovely about snuggling up and getting cozy in the winter season, and these slippers/boots can be heated in the microwave to keep those tootsies and feet warm. They are made from super soft fabric, heat up in a minute, and are great for nestling down for a night in with a movie. When the summer arrives or someone has a sports injury, they can also be used as a cold pack after being popped into the freezer for a while.


[lasso ref=”big-sister-little-sister-split-broken-heart-pendant-necklace-matching-jewelry-set-sister-jewelry-gifts-for-2″ id=”1506154″ link_id=”1811″]

If you know of a household with two teenage girls, this piece of jewelry is a great choice as it covers two gifts. It’s a set of two necklaces, with each having half of a split heart. When the hearts of both necklaces are put together they make one complete heart, signifying the bond between sisters. The stainless steel polished pendant comes with two pouches for gift giving, and it offers a touch of sentimentality for this special time of year.


[lasso ref=”maybelline-new-york-makeup-kit-palette-smoke” id=”1506157″ link_id=”1812″]

There are plenty of cheap makeup products available but many of the less expensive ones also feel cheap. That’s not the case with this Maybelline palette that looks sophisticated enough for the fashion conscious older teenager and comes with everything needed such as four eyeshadows and a liner, blush, highlighter, and lip color. The makeup kit also includes face charts and step-by-step instructions to help get the required look.


[lasso ref=”waneway-large-lighted-makeup-vanity-dressing-table-mirror-with-24-led-light-illuminated-tabletops-cosmetic-mirror-with-10x-magnification-detail-mirror-and-dimmer-switch-battery-operated-white” id=”1506158″ link_id=”1813″]

Mastering the art of makeup can be a matter of trial and error for many teenage girls, so a good light-up mirror will certainly help them along. This dressing table mirror has a large 12-in screen along with a 3.5-inch 10x magnification mirror with suction cups for checking out those finer details in close-up. It features 24 LED lights that can last for between 2 and three weeks of daily use using 4 AA batteries (not included). These give a look close to natural sunlight, and the mirror also includes a dimer switch to adjust the brightness if desired.


[lasso ref=”warmies-microwavable-french-lavender-scented-plush-puppy” id=”1506159″ link_id=”1814″]

Teenage girls want to be an adult one minute and revert to childhood the next, but none of them ever grow out of loving soft toys. This one is not only adorable but it’s useful too, as like the cozy boots earlier in our list, this plush puppy can be heated in a microwave. Then it’s just a matter of snuggling up with it in front of a favorite TV show or using it as a bed warmer to benefit from the warm and comforting feeling it will give. This cozy puppy is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and it gives off a lovely restful lavender aroma.


[lasso ref=”solocute-birthday-gifts-for-girls-7-8-9-10-11-12-years-old-13th-14th-15th-16th-birthday-gifts-sweet-gifts-for-teenager-teen-girl-pearl-bracelet-she-believed-she-could-so-she-did” id=”1506160″ link_id=”1815″]

This is a beautiful gift that will really appeal to eco-friendly girls who want to stay true to what they believe in. The bracelet is inscribed with the words “She believed she could, so she did,” an adage likely to inspire many teenage girls to make the best of themselves. The bracelet is made of environmentally friendly recycled lead-free and nickel-free materials, with 14K white and Yellow Gold or Rose Gold plate, and it comes in a gift box ready for giving.


[lasso ref=”hair-brush-set-luxury-professional-rose-gold-hairbrushes-for-detangling-blow-drying-straightening-suitable-for-all-hair-types-by-lily-england” id=”1506161″ link_id=”1816″]

Many girls spend hours getting their hair to look just so, and using the right hair products will give the best salon-looking results. This hairbrush set is suitable for all hair types, whether curly, long, fine, or thick. It includes three brushes, a Vent Brush, a Ceramic Barrel Brush for extra volume, and a large Paddle Brush for detangling and smoothing. It’s also very attractively packaged so makes a lovely gift choice.


[lasso ref=”you-are-a-girl-who-totally-rocks-always-be-true-to-you-by-ashley-rice-an-empowering-gift-book-about-self-confidence-courage-and-believing-in-yourself-from-blue-mountain-arts” id=”1506162″ link_id=”1817″]

While adolescence can be an exciting time for plenty of girls, there are also those who need to build up their esteem and have a little more self-confidence. This book has messages that will help to inspire, motivate, and increase self-assurance, as it celebrates what makes all kinds of different people special and valued. Therefore giving this book as a gift would be a great way of letting a teenage girl know how much you think of them and how much you understand what they’re going through.


[lasso ref=”love-rainbow-sea-glass-heart-poster-print-11×14-great-for-framing-best-quality-gifts-from-the-heart-collection-unique-birthday-christmas-valentines-day-gifts-for-kids-women-men” id=”1506163″ link_id=”1818″]

Teenage years are when many girls start taking down their childhood posters and want to put up something a little more classy instead. This gorgeous 11 x 14 print is in high quality paper and comes ready for framing packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with heavy cardboard backing. It features the customary love heart symbol that has been made up of pieces of glass in all shadows of the rainbow and it’s a unique idea that would make a nice feature in any girl’s bedroom.


[lasso ref=”black-cable-knit-beret-hat-scarf-glove-matching-3-piece-set-set” id=”1506164″ link_id=”1819″]

This set from Luxury Divas comes with a traditional cable knit design and is a little different from many other wintry accessory sets, as instead of a standard beanie hat this one is beret style. The gloves, scarf, and hat all feature the LD logo on the bottom corners and they are crocheted in 100% acrylic. Some buyers have suggested that the hat is a little on the small side although that could make it an especially good fit for teens. The set comes in a choice of lovely bright colors such as Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Red, as well as some more subdued tones including Ivory, Black, and Gray.


[lasso ref=”muyu-nubuck-leather-backpack-8891″ id=”1506165″ link_id=”1820″]

This bag is great value at the moment as it’s made of high quality and durable materials such as canvas and polyester. It’s a decent size for school, sleepovers, or other uses, and it’s big enough to carry a medium sized laptop or tablet. It has a main compartment with double-zipper closer, an exterior zipper pocket, padded laptop/tablet pocket, two interior open pockets, and a pocket big enough to hold a water bottle on both sides. It has padded adjustable straps and is available in a variety of colors and designs.


[lasso ref=”girligami-kit-a-fresh-fun-fashionable-spin-on-origami-origami-for-girls-kit-with-origami-book-60-origami-papers-great-for-kids” id=”1506167″ link_id=”1821″]

This is a good affordable gift for girls who enjoy arts and crafts, as it’s contemporary paper craft with a sassy twist. Very neatly, as the title suggests, it’s completely aimed at projects that teenage girls will enjoy, such as a secret love note, foxy pumps, cool cupcake, lacy jacket and many more. It includes 18 different origami projects, 50 paper folding designs, a 64-page full color booklet, 60 glossy sheets of origami paper, and of course step-by-step instructions.


[lasso ref=”thinking-of-you-candle-condolence-gift-sympathy-gift-condolence-candle-miss-you-gift-sympathy-candle-grief-gift-thinking-of-you-gift” id=”1506168″ link_id=”1822″]

Any girl would be happy to receive one of these gorgeous candles that can be personalized with a message of your choice. The front of the candle is labelled ‘Thinking of You’ and you can then leave a personal message to be used for the label on the back of the candle. These candles are hand crafted using various techniques and hand poured in small batches. They are made with Soy Wax so are eco friendly and there are also no dyes used. A nice touch with this gift is being able to choose from many different scents with just a few of them being Christmas Tree, Cinnamon Buns, Lemon Sugar Drop, and Toasted Marshmallow. The candles come in Mason Jars with either Silver or Bronze lids, and are packaged in a box.


[lasso ref=”jr-white-mermaid-tail-blanket-kids-adulthand-crochet-snuggle-mermaidall-seasons-seatail-sleeping-bag-blanket-orange-blue” id=”1506169″ link_id=”1823″]

There’s a craze for everything to do with mermaids right now and this soft wool sleeping bag blanket would be perfect for sleepovers (or anywhere that doesn’t require too much moving around). Girls will love this hand crocheted mermaid tail blanket that opens up at the back to make getting in and out easier. Offered in various color options including Pink, Ocean Blue, and Orange/Blue, it also comes with a mermaid pendant necklace as a nice extra.


[lasso ref=”ion-party-starter-portable-bluetooth-speaker-with-built-in-light-show” id=”1506170″ link_id=”1824″]

For the teenage girl who enjoys having friends over and playing music, this Bluetooth speaker streams music from any Bluetooth device and delivers excellent sound quality at loud levels. At the same time it projects multi-colored party lights onto ceilings and walls that are sync’d to the music to give that party feel, so if you give this to your daughter she’ll think you’re one cool mom. Also, it has the bonus of being compact so it’s easily portable if the recipient wants to take it to someone else’s home instead!


[lasso ref=”hippie-style-beach-bag-with-inner-zipper-pocket-and-an-amazing-bonus-item-from-moskus-gear” id=”1506171″ link_id=”1825″]

Girls who love hippie chic will love this Moskus Gear beach bag and will look forward to using it in the summer. Its bright colors and vivid design are very appealing, and it’s big enough to keep all the essentials for a day out at the beach, at the park, or on vacation. It’s made of durable sturdy materials with rope handles, and it has a lining on the inside and inner zipper pocket. It also comes with a free smartphone dry bag to protect a phone and keep it sand-free.


[lasso ref=”winterworm-cute-little-girl-with-big-braid-handmade-matryoshka-wishing-dolls-russian-nesting-dolls-set-7-pieces-wooden-kids-gifts-toy-home-decoration-sky-blue” id=”1506172″ link_id=”1826″]

Now this is something really different that loads of teenage girls might like but may not have necessarily thought about. This Russian nesting doll set is handmade and hand painted and contains seven dolls that stack inside one another, with the largest at 7.8-inches tall. Alternatively, all seven can be put on display to make an attractive feature in any girl’s room, and most girls would love to be able to show these off to their friends. This price is for the blue set but other colors are available at various prices.


[lasso ref=”bed-head-hot-head-875w-hair-dryer-for-massive-shine-pink” id=”1506173″ link_id=”1827″]

Girls often think of their hair as their crowning glory so what could be better than a 1875 Watt hairdryer to style the hair and keep it in tip-top condition at the same time. This stylish hairdryer is suitable for all hair types and creates beautiful volume. It uses Tourmaline Ceramic technology that reduces frizz, and adds a silky shine to the hair as well as softness by releasing negative ions. It has two heat and speed settings with a cold shot button to fix the style when finished. It also has a hanging ring for convenient storage, a concentrator attachment, and a removable end cap that makes it easy to clean, We especially love the pink and silver color with brushed chrome finish, so using it each day will be a pleasure not a chore.

AMAZON FIRE TABLET 7 (Special Offers)

[lasso ref=”fire-7-tablet-7-display-8-gb-black-previous-generation-7th” id=”1506176″ link_id=”1828″]

Amazon Fire tablet is a suitable option for users who do not want to make any large investment when buying a tablet. This is an entry-level device but where the company has adjusted everything is the hardware so that it is not a useless piece of junk. The new device features Amazon Underground: the all-new app store experience where thousands of apps, games and in-app items are actually free.

Dogeared Heart Pendant Necklace

[lasso ref=”dogeared-we-are-family-heart-pendant-necklace-18″ id=”1506178″ link_id=”1829″]

Dogeared Heart Pendant Necklace is a good choice to give her. Each piece of this jewelry was created to tell a story of individuality, self-expression, friendship and love. They are simple pieces, both modern and timeless.


Compiling this list of best Christmas gifts for teenage girls has been a pleasure. That’s thanks to the massive choice of gifts that are available, many of which we’d quite like for ourselves! We’ve tried to give ideas for just about every teenage girl, so, for example, those who want to stay at home and relax might like the Intelex Cozy Body Boots or the Mermaid Tail Blanket, while those into gadgets might enjoy the ION Party Starter Bluetooth Speaker or the Cat Ear Headphones. Similarly, the Indiary Leather Journal or Thinking of You Candle is likely to appeal to the more meditative girl, while the MUYU Nubuck Leather Backpack or the Maybelline New York Makeup Kit might suit the style conscious girl. Meanwhile, stocking fillers include the Unicorn Makeup Pouch and the Girligami Origami Kit.

Maybe a t-shirt is enough to make her happy or you need to buy a gaming console like the Xbox One, Play Station 4 or smartphones like the Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Plus to make her happy. Who knows?

Whether she likes music or makeup accessories, or you just really don’t have any idea, the gifts on this list are sure to be a total win in her book.

The gifts also cover a price range that should suit plenty of people’s pockets, and it’s not necessary to spend a small fortune with so many choices at the affordable end of the market. Remember that the time till Christmas will soon tick by, so it’s worth ordering any of these gifts as early as possible to avoid disappointment as stocks start to run out. Saying that we reckon that most teenage girls will like at least four or five or these gift ideas so you should have further options. If you particularly like any of these suggestions why not drop us a line using the comments box to let us know, and also tell us how your gift was received. For now, all that remains for us to say is HAPPY SHOPPING!

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