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The Best Infuser Water Bottle and Benefits of Using One

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If you want to keep well hydrated, there’s no need to put unwanted sugar and chemicals in your body. Use a fruit infuser water bottle instead and reap the benefits!

Many people these days are becoming more health-conscious, and along with that, they’ve become aware of the need to keep our bodies well hydrated. However, many drinks that are readily available in stores (even the so-called healthy ones!) have unsatisfactory levels of sugar and chemicals.

Drinking water is the best option, but some people prefer to have flavors in their water or simply want to change it up once in a while. That’s why infuser water bottles have become increasingly popular, as sliced or chopped fresh fruit (or herbs and vegetables) can be added to the water to make a more appealing drink.

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There are more fruit infuser water bottles on the market than ever before, and rather than a niche product they are becoming mainstream. Before we get to some recommended infuser water bottles, we’ll go through some of the main points about using one.

Benefits of using an infuser water bottle?

Drinking water that’s flavored in this way is now convenient, easy, and natural, and therefore you’re much more likely to keep up your water intake. This will help to avoid becoming dehydrated, something that can cause a whole ream of health problems including headaches, muscle cramps, lightheadedness, and even palpitations.

Helping to control weight is another major advantage of using fruit infused water, as drinking this kind of water can avoid the temptation of drinking a can or bottle from the store that may be loaded with calories and additives. Of course, buying a premade drink can also be expensive, so think of the money you’ll save!

A further benefit is with the fruit of your choice you’ll be adding a whole lot of healthy vitamins and minerals as well as flavor. Some ingredients can also help to boost metabolism, another aid to losing weight. Moreover, fruit-infused water is naturally low in calories. Drinking plenty will even enhance the look of your skin and improve digestion.

How does an infuser water bottle work?

There are a big variety of these bottles on the market, and they have the fruit infuser basket at the top or bottom of the bottle, or sometimes full-length. You simply add your desired fruit to the basket, fill your bottle with water, and the fruit immediately starts to flavor the water. However, with the fruit basket at the top, there will be less opportunity for the fruit to flavor the water as the water level goes down.

Some infuser water bottles also feature a built-in juicer so you can give the fruits a bit of a squeeze when they go in. This will give the water a more intense flavor, so it’s an advantage if this is important to you.

Things to consider before buying an infuser water bottle

There are plenty of factors to think about when choosing the right style of the bottle for you. One of the main aspects is the size. For portability, you might want a smaller bottle. However, if you really drink a lot then a larger one is a better choice. Furthermore, some infuser water bottles have lanyards or handles, while others have neither.

The type of lid that the bottle has is another factor. Some have screw caps, and some might feel that these are better at preventing leakage. However, they are not quite so convenient as a flip-top bottle where the mouthpiece is instantly accessible, and these might be a better option if you intend to use the bottle when playing sport. Some bottles have integrated straws if that’s your preference. Other things to consider are whether the bottle is dishwasher safe, the durability of it, and probably most important, whether it has a good watertight seal.

We have tested some of the vast range of products that are available to come up with our pick of the best infuser water bottles. It’s up to you to decide which features are more important to you than others, and how much you want to spend. Further information on each of our recommended items is available at the link provided. The prices we’ve listed were correct at the time of writing but may change.


[lasso ref=”live-infinitely-32-oz-fruit-infuser-water-bottle-featuring-a-full-length-infusion-rod-flip-top-lid-dual-hand-grips-recipe-ebook-gift-fruit-infused-water-bottles-bright-teal-32-oz” id=”1506123″ link_id=”1791″]

This one earns our top overall pick as it has a lot to offer at a good price. As a bonus, it’s stylish to look at too as it comes in a wide choice of attractive colors. It has a quick thumb release flip-top lid with a secondary latch to prevent accidents that works very well. There is also dual hand grips for a comfortable and secure hold and a handy carrying loop. The bottle is made out of shatterproof Tritan plastic, and it’s BPA free, FDA approved and is fine to use in the dishwasher. Another benefit is that the infuser and cap can be taken out and used in a water pitcher if you want so that you can get even more use out of it. When the infuser rod is removed, it can also be used as a sports water bottle.

The 32 oz. Capacity only applies once the infuser rod is removed. If you’re new to using a fruit infused water bottle, this one also comes with a bonus recipe eBook to give you some ideas. In our time using this bottle it has been completely leakproof, which of course is one of the most important factors.


[lasso ref=”fresh-fusions-32-oz-fruit-infuser-water-bottle-with-insulated-sleeve-and-healthy-recipe-ebook” id=”1506124″ link_id=”1792″]

This is another good choice, as the most recent upgrade of this product now has a full-length infuser chamber with an infuser rod that can be removed. Similarly, it’s made of BPA free Tritan plastic, and you’ll get a bonus recipe Ebook. A further benefit with this one is that it comes with an insulation sleeve that provides a comfortable hold. The locking flip-top has a metal latching loop, convenient thumb button release, and a handy auto-align feature, and we had no leakage issues.


[lasso ref=”infusion-pro-24-oz-fruit-infuser-water-bottle-with-flavor-infuser-insulated-sleeve-fruit-infused-water-ebook-bottom-loading-large-water-infuser-for-more-flavor-flip-top-with-large-spout-for-w” id=”1506126″ link_id=”1793″]

This one has a lower 24 oz. capacity but if you don’t need such a big bottle, it’s the right choice. The infuser compartment is at the bottom of the bottle, the infuser rod can be removed, and it has rubber gaskets to avert leaks. The bottle has an inner strainer to prevent the drinking spout clogging up, a stainless steel ring and carrying handle. There is also a neoprene insulated sleeve that will help to keep your water cool.

Although the product description says the bottle is dishwasher safe (top rack), the manufacturer does recommend hand washing. In our testing, we found hand washing is very easy thanks to the screw on openings at both the top and bottom. (ALSO AVAILABLE IN A TWIN PACK FOR $29.95)


The manufacturers claim that this bottle is shatter-resistant and impact-resistant, and we found it felt nicely robust. It has a full-length infuser rod, is made from toxin-free Tritan copolyester, and leaks are prevented by an O-ring design with a metal latching loop to keep the lid secure. On the sides are a rubber grip and anti-slip thumb grip to provide a good hold. This one is not claimed to be dishwasher safe, but it does come with a useful cleaning brush.


[lasso ref=”energy-essentials-fruit-infuser-water-bottle” id=”1506128″ link_id=”1794″]

Again, this is a BPA free plastic bottle so you can be sure that the bottle itself won’t be adding any toxins to your body. Also, you won’t get any nasty plastic aftertaste or odors. It’s dishwasher safe and leakproof and has a pull-down safety locking lid with press button to open, and full-length infuser rod. This Energy Essentials bottle holds 34 oz. of water without the infuser tube, or once the tube and fruits are in it holds 32 oz.


Note that the capacities listed in the product descriptions usually pertain to the amount held by the bottles without the infuser rod and fruit, and therefore the amount held once those are in place is slightly less. After trying out many infuser water bottles, we now have a real taste for it and have found this has greatly increased our water intake. We hope our choices of the best infuser water bottles will inspire you to try one out, and you too can start reaping the rewards of a healthier lifestyle!

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