Best tribal tattoos for women with their meaning – Tattoo or tribal tattoo for women on the arm or forearm

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Tattoos can represent many things. Wishes, past experiences, dreams, traits of our personality, or something that we like. As for tribal tattoos, they are known to be designs of different shapes represented by geometric figures and many lines. These designs are full of meaning, in each of their lines. Especially because it resembles the mode of communication in ancient civilizations. Get to know them!

Tribal tattoos on the arm, shoulder or forearm

One of the most popular places to get tribal tattoos. The famous The Rock, has known how to wear a tribal tattoo on the arm and chest in the best way. And definitely, it has been an inspiration for many others to try this style of tribal tattoos for women. Although not new, the tribal has always remained. And it’s an incredible way to pay tribute to our ancestors and the places where we come from.

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  • Tribal tattoo on arm 

An excellent place to show off tribal designs. Since it offers the opportunity to recreate designs with different geometric shapes. However, if you want to experiment with more than straight and wavy lines, you can start from a specific pattern. For example, ask yourself what you want to express through said tattoo. Then you will be able to design something unique and eye-catching.

  • Tribal tattoo on shoulder

The designs on the shoulders are mostly round. And they usually represent something that we hold dear. An example of a tribal shoulder tattoo could be a lion or other animal design. In the same way as the design of a face with geometric shapes, or the designs of the stars.

  • Tribal on the forearm

A tribal tattoo design is great for adorning the forearm, as well as covering any blemishes on the skin. Thanks to the lines it has, many things can be represented. In the forearm, the ideal will be the linear forms. Most of the time they are accompanied by arrows or curved lines that revolve around a shape in the center.

What is the meaning of tribal tattoos?

In the oldest history of the world, tribal tattoos are present. These have been in most religions, and throughout all of history. Especially in African tribes, tribal tattoos were performed on both men and women to distinguish each person from each of the different tribes.

In the ancient practices and performances of tribal tattoos, these formed the final part of a growth ritual. In men they were carried out when they reached the age of majority, or were able to take care of a family and the tribe. And in women, when they were developed or reached the age of majority.

Contrary to current tribal tattoo techniques that are not as painful, and with specialized machines, ancient tribal tattoos were made by sticking small needles with ink into the skin point by point. Significantly more tortuous, and the realization process could take days. Especially since the designs were so large.

The styles of tribal tattoos are very different from each other. In the tribes there was not a tattoo equal to the other, and the designs were increasingly complicated and elaborate. As long as the same pattern associated with each of the existing tribes, such as the Celts or the Borneo, is followed.

Therefore, before getting a tribal tattoo, it is recommended that you choose the best design for yourself. Something that represents you, and you can proudly wear wherever you go. So, you will have no doubts and you will not regret having it at the last minute.

Tribal tattoos for women tattoo for women on the waist

Tribal tattoos on the waist, hips or lower back are the most popular among women. Especially in those who were already mothers and want to cover a scar or stretch marks. The most popular designs are:

  • Butterflies with large wings and geometric designs.
  • Dragonflies with very long wings and intricate interior designs.
  • Intricate crosses or anchors with horizontal and wavy lines.
  • Elongated stars with internal design.


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