9 Most Suitable Women’s Backpack for Everyday Use (List)

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Backpacks are the most comfortable and functional among all the bags. Therefore, from a busy mom to a hiker with a free soul, its everyone’s choice. And many are proudly using it as their go-to/everyday bag. But I guess you don’t have a perfect everyday backpack yet! isn’t the reason why you are here? Don’t worry, Just say hurrah! and choose your ultimate everyday backpack from this list of 12 best women’s backpack for everyday use.

How to choose the best women’s backpack for everyday use?

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  • Step # 1
    Understand your needs: Before choosing a bag, ask yourself these questions: What is your purpose of buying a backpack? How much stuff you would carry in it? And what additional features you may need? It seems like now you have a bit more clear idea about what type of backpack you are looking for.
  • Step # 2
    Durability: Must look for a backpack which has durable hardware, particularly durable straps and zippers, So you can really on it to be your go-to bag.
  • Step # 3
    Functionality: Check whether the bag is functional and it has multi slots for tinny stuff or not? If yes, then go to step # 4, if not then choose another backpack.
  • Step # 4
    Size & Weight: Only choose a bag which can fit all your stuff and still weights little.
  • Step # 5
    Style: Remember! your accessories are a part of your personality. So choose the style of a bag wisely.

List: 9 Best Women’s Backpack for Everyday use

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1. Nylon Lightweight Anti-theft Rucksack

Nylon Lightweight Anti-theft Rucksack

An unpopular brand’s popular product. This lightweight backpack has been bossing the backpacks category at e-commerce sites since last year. And at the moment, it is the best selling backpack at Amazon and was at the top of the trendy backpacks 2018 list. Do you wanna know why? Read its features.


  • Made of PU Leather and Nylon Fabric.
  • One main compartment with 3 interior and 4 exterior pockets.
  • One removable short shoulder strap (other than two main straps)
  • Its exterior material is waterproof
  • The design of the bag is Anti-theft

From everyday use to traveling, this backpack can be your go-to back. It’s pretty casual and comes in 4 different colors and 2 sizes: Large and medium, have a look at other colors and size before making a choice.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ It is quite durable
✔ The convertible strap ads more ease
✔ Very roomy for a lightweight bag
✔ Anti-theft feature makes it perfect for travelling
✔ Above all, its price is very cheap

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ The straps come loose automatically

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing backpack.


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2. UTO PU Washed Leather Convertible Backpack

A good women's backpack for everyday use

Another pretty backpack but even more functional than the previous one. The backpack has a crazy amount of pockets ( One hidden as well) and with its smooth triple carrying options, it’s quite comfortable to wear. Its soft material, double stitching and water-resistant feature make it more satisfying.


  • Made of soft washed PU Leather
  • 1 main compartment, 5 exterior and 5 interior pockets
  • Spacious enough for a 14-inch laptop
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with top handle
  • Water-resistant and double stitching

I would highly recommend this best women’s backpack for everyday use, especially travelers, moms and students! must try this one. And also see its other colors, this product is available in 7 awesome colors.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ Durable hardware & Quality zippers
✔ Double stitching makes it hard to tear out
✔ Very roomy and functional
✔ Very pretty design
✔ Super comfortable

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Comes with a weird smell (lasts a few weeks)

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Small Leather Backpack

This, MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Small Leather Backpack is actually not a small backpack but a medium one. However, it is a superb product by luxurious fashion brand, Michael Kors. From its Pebbled Leather and pretty design to its functionality and lightweight, everything about this backpack is lovable.


  • Crafted of pure Pebbled Leather
  • Polyester Lining and Gold-Tone Hardware
  • Weight is just 1 Pound
  • Top handle with adjustable main straps
  • 2 exterior & 3 interior pockets

Honestly speaking, this awesome backpack has made me a fan. It is perhaps the best leather backpack womens can get. if medium size suits you then go for it. I would also urge you to check other colors of this bag especially the Gold (soft pink) and Maroon ones.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ It is far more functional than expectations
✔ It comes in a good secure packing
✔ Very well made & durable
✔ Super cool & delicate design
✔ Super comfortable

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Comparatively, it is a bit expensive

Learn more about this pretty bag by watching this video review by Zappos.


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4. VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Buckle Backpack

best women's travel backpack 2018

Neither too big nor too small, this VASCHY flap-over bag is another premier women’s backpack for everyday use. It is adorable, practical and above all ultra-comfortable. Its drawstring style and front flap pockets make it even more appealing. Best Reviews Guide has also listed this purse in its list of Best Leather Backpacks.


  • Faux Leather construction with Cotton Lining
  • 2 main compartments with 3 exterior and 3 interior pockets
  • Drawstring closure with magnetic buckle
  • Adjustable backpack straps with loop handle
  • Silver-tone hardware and zipper

This adorable purse is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. I consider this purse the best women’s backpack for work. You can also get this backpack in 6 other colors and 2 sizes. I like this backpack in light pink, navy blue and brown colors.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ High quality stitching and a sturdy bottom
✔ Very functional & Fits more than expectations
✔ The style and clour are very gorgeous
✔ I love its lightwieght and durablity
✔ Provides great comfort
✔ Comes with one year warranty

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Front magnetic snaps do not always stay closed
✖ You may get it with a weird smell (airs out soon)

5. Lily Queen Fashion Small Purse Backpack

Lily Queen Fashion Small Purse Backpack

This Lily Queen’s drawstring bag is the only canvas bag is this list of best women’s backpack for everyday use. Its classy appearance is very appealing and its drawstring closure in addition with snap button helps us protecting our stuff. And as you already know, the canvas is always very lightweight, super comfortable and durable. In short, it is a perfect canvas backpack for ladies.


  • Made of quality Canvas and PU
  • 4 Pockets other than the main compartment
  • Drawstring closure with snap button
  • Adjustable Shoulder strap and Top handle
  • Classic artistic look

It is a complete cool small backpack for casual use, and can also be carried to college, trips and workplaces. And yep it is available in another canvas design as well.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ Quality canvas ads durablity, comfort and fashion to it
✔ many slots make it easy to organize
✔ The style and clour are very gorgeous
✔ Drawstring closure and snap button guard your stuff
✔ Very affordable price

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Drawstring closure makes it hard to close/open

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Slim Backpack

MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Slim Backpack (one of the  best mini backpacks 2018)

This Michael Kors backpack is so amazing and attractive that even Michael Kors haters are in love with it. This best backpack for travel carry on is more than perfect for commuting and will surely get you many compliments.


  • Constructed of Floral perforated Saffiano leather with polyester lining
  • 5 interior and 2 exterior slots
  • Top handle with adjustable back straps
  • Gold-Tone Hardware 
  • Super attractive design

The sleek MK bag is perhaps the best women’s commuter backpack at the moment. Barkha Deswal of bestbackpack.com has also added this backpack in her list of The 10 Best Mini Backpacks of 2019.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ Very very adorable
✔ Quality soft leather and other material
✔ Perfect medium size for commuting
✔ Super durable & comfortable to carry

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Its a branded backpack so, price is high as well

Learn more about this cool backpack by watching the video review below:

Video Review by Zappos

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7. DAVID JONES Faux Leather Medium Chains Backpack

DAVID JONES Faux Leather Medium Chains Backpack  (a premier women's backpack for everyday use)

This expensive-looking affordable backpack carries a lot more than expectations. Its durability, functionality, lightweight and great comfort level make it one of the best women’s travel backpack. You would absolutely love having it on your back.


  • Constructed of Grained Faux Leather with Polyester lining
  • Top Zipper Closure
  • Adjustable back straps with one chain top handle
  • 3 pockets other than the main compartment
  • Weight is only 1.8 pound

This women’s minimalist backpack will hold all your essentials with care. From formal to casual occasions it is best for everywhere. And its elegant design will make your personality more charming.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔Simple yet Captivating design
✔ Lightwieght and functional
✔ Durable and comfortable
✔ Very roomy for a medium size bag
✔ Beautiful camel colour

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Has a chemical smell (airs out in some days)

8. Gashen Women’s Mini PU Leather Backpack Purse 

best mini backpacks 2018

This Gashen Convertible daypack is another eye-catching mini backpack. It has more features than you would expect from a mini backpack. It provides triple carrying options which are awesome for convenience. Particularly, ladies love to use it as their travel companion.


  • Made of Pu leather with polyester lining
  • One main compartment with 3 other zipper pockets
  • Convertible daypack, can also be carried as a crossbody or shoulder bag
  • Weight is only 1.1 pound

This cute backpack is perhaps the best affordable mini backpack and certainly far more functional than other mini backpacks. It is also available in red color.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ Very functional ,mini backpack
✔ Quality material and lightweight
✔ can also be worn as a croosbody
✔ Good packaging makes it a perfect gift
✔ Eye-catching design

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Only 1 or 2 things fit in the main compartment

9. BOSTANTEN Leather Casual Fashion Backpack 

One of the best women’s backpack for everyday use

This medium size BOSTANTEN backpack is surely a product you will never regret buying. Why? It has plenty of amazing features and gives a delicate feel. It’s convertible straps add more comfort and style by converting it into a crossbody. So, Ladies! It is a perfect medium size fashion backpack for all of your casual occasions.


  • Made of Grain leather with quality fabric lining
  • One main compartment plus 7 pockets including 2 side ones
  • Removable, adjustable, convertible straps
  • Perfect medium size iPhone Plus fits easily
  • Simple yet fashionable design with exquisite color

One more exciting thing about this backpack is its pockets, the pockets are not only good in numbers but also very functional which makes it one of the best minimalist fashionable travel backpacks. and yep it is available in several other colors some of them are even more delicate.

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”glass” box_color=”#5ed35b”]
✔ Looks very luxurious due to quality leather and delicate colour
✔ Durable, Long lasting backpack
✔ Very functional and easy to organize
✔ Easy to carry

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe6557″]
✖ Straps keep falling off the shoulders

Final Pick

All the backpacks mentioned above are extremely optimum, I added them in this list of best women’s backpack for everyday use after exploring dozens of good backpacks. I would suggest you pick any backpack from this list which matches your needs. My final pick of this 9 best women’s backpack for everyday use list is VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Buckle Backpack. why? because it is a perfect medium size backpack. It is adorable, functional, comfortable to wear and above all keeps my stuff safer.

Additional Tip

There are hundreds of backpacks available if the bags mentioned do not match your 100% requirements, you should look for other backpacks in stores. you will surely find one that can fulfill all your requirements. In any case, you could not find a perfect backpack for yourself then tell us all of your requirements in the comments or message we will find one for you. Cheers!

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