BODY MIST – perfect water for cooling the body this day

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In winter, women tend to choose fragrances with solid scents to last all day. But those passionate notes are temporarily put aside when summer comes. Hot summer days will be so gentle if you always give off the soft, fabulous fragrance from Body Mist.

Body Mist - "nước thần" dịu da ngày Hè

For women, the scent is likened to adorning themselves to become more sparkling and seductive. If the perfume is a familiar concept, body mist is a novelty that brings a gentle fragrance and hydrates the body. Let’s explore with ELLE, a line of body sprays that help get women to life with a delicate and luxurious scent.

Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về bình xịt, chai, Chân dung

Body mist, also known as a body spray, is a product line that creates a mild scent for the body, often combined with a body lotion to help create a bouquet and help moisturize the skin. Unlike perfume, body mist has a lower concentration of essential oils, giving a faint scent like a natural body odour.

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Although scented body sprays contain fewer essential oils than perfumes, the fragrance’s ability to stay on the body is not too long, just a light scent. However, if you use the right body spray, the smell will remain on the skin longer. Here, BeautyStyleHub has compiled effective ways to use body spray:

It is recommended to use body mist after bathing because, at this time, the skin is still moist enough to help retain the scent effectively.
Shake the body mist well and then spray on the whole body from a distance of 15cm. Pay attention to spray on some blood vessels such as the neck, behind ears, wrists, inside elbows, knees… to help the scent spread longer and broader.
Since body spray can only hold the scent for a few hours, you need to use it several times a day.
It is recommended to use a fragrance spray with a scent that is suitable for the body scent to create a feeling of comfort and at the same time impress everyone around.


Like perfume, body spray, although the scent is lighter, over time will also change according to the first, middle and last notes. If you are confused about which bouquet to choose, you should focus on the middle notes—popular scent groups such as Oriental, Citrus (Citrus), Floral (floral), chypre.

Chọn Body Mist phù hợp với cơ thể

If you love sweet fruity scents, then don’t miss the Citrus fragrance group. It also brings the same sweetness as Citrus, but if you like a little more gentle, relaxing scent of flowers, then Floral and chypre scents are the “true love” for you.

If you prefer sophistication, the Oriental group is a great choice. Sweet, sexy but equally passionate, mysterious, animalistic is what oriental aroma body spray brings.



It can be said that Victoria’s Secret is the top name in the list of body mist brands. Referring to Victoria’s Secret is referring to the seductive scents that have made the brand’s name. The packaging design is simple with the brand name and stylized letters but highly eye-catching. The following are the company’s most sought-after scents.


Body Mist Victoria's Secret Cool Oasis

This Victoria’s Secret Cool Oasis has a highly seductive scent of Tiare flower – a short flower found only on the island of Ra’iatea, French Polynesia, with a refreshing, pleasant “sound” of seawater.


Body Mist Victoria's Secret Rush

Victoria’s Secret Rush Fragrance Mist is extracted from a tiny orange combined with amber essence to bring a warm, sweet, luxurious fragrance.


Inspired by tropical beaches, Coconut Passion is without a doubt the best summer fragrance for day and day use. The combination of fresh coconut, vanilla and lily bring a feeling of freshness and relaxation like never before.

Body Mist Victỏia's Secret Coconut Passion


Body Mist Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss

Girls who are fascinated by the scent of the sea cannot ignore this scent because the combination of chrysanthemum flowers, aloe vera, freesia has created a feeling of relaxation, freshness and refreshment of the ocean. Immense ocean.


Another great product line for girls who love the natural floral scent of freesia or the gentle, pure floral fragrance with the sweetness and freshness of the fruit. That is the body mist product of Bath & Body Works. It can be said that Bath & Body Works is exceptionally hard-working when it comes to product lines with many beautiful fragrances and is suitable for the preferences and needs of women.

The perfect combination of freesia and citrus notes creates a highly youthful and refreshing Gingham.

Bath & Body Works Body Mist Gingham


Mad About You is the company’s “super product” body mist. The scent is both light and airy with familiar flowers such as rose, jasmine, and tuberose, while warm and youthful with vanilla and finally the charm of musk and sandalwood.

Bath & Body Works Body Mist Mad About You


Sparkling Limoncello will be for those of you who love citrus scents. With the prominent smell of yellow lemon, orange blossom brings a feeling of freshness and comfort. With the aroma group in the top note, I thought Sparkling Limoncello would quickly evaporate, but the appearance of musk and amber both balances that sour taste and helps to stay longer.

Bath & Body Works Body Mist Sparkling Limoncello


The Body Shop’s body spray – one of the diverse combinations of perfumes and body lotions. Coming to The Body Shop, you will be immersed in the gentle and relaxing space of flowers, lemon peel and natural nuts.

Strawberry Body Mist, The Body Shop, has a succulent strawberry scent as the central theme. The perfect blend of Strawberry Seed Oil, Cocoa Oil, Shea Butter, Soybean Oil and Organic Aloe Vera. So, the product not only moisturizes the skin but also has a fresh, gentle strawberry scent that spreads all day long.

Strawberry Body Mist The Body Shop


Cherry Blossom Body Mist The Body Shop

Cherry Blossom is the signature flavour of Body Mist The Body Shop. Inspired by the spring garden, with cherry scent mixed with Hinoki wood, it feels like we are lost in the cherry blossom garden. This is the right choice for sweet girls.

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