Chest tattoos for women

Chest tattoos for women

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The chest is a beautiful and sensual part, as well as very feminine, which is why many women choose to wear a tattoo in this area. However, before making the decision to get this type of tattoo, you should think that it is a risky area, since whether you wear a neckline or wear tank tops, they tend to be much more visible. If you want to get it right and show off the best tattoo for you, pay attention to the following selection that we have made for you at. On this occasion, we give you different chest tattoo ideas for women. Discover small and large designs that will not leave you indifferent. Letters, phrases, flowers, wings, moons, constellations. Which one do you prefer?

Small and large chest tattoos for women

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that chest tattoos are only for men. In recent years, more and more women are going for creative and beautiful designs on the chest. This fashion is very wide and there is room for all kinds of tattoos, as you will achieve a sexier neckline and a much more daring image. To get a tattoo on your chest, you can choose both large and small, striking or discreet designs.

Chest tattoos for women

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If you want to bet on small chest tattoos, you can do them in just a small area of ​​​​the chest, for example, on the side, on one of the breasts or in the center. On the other hand, if what you want is a large tattoo on the chest, you can do it on the upper chest, horizontally, or even in the central area or the neckline to highlight it.

You can make the design that you like the most, on the theme that you prefer and in the style of your preference, but we recommend that you go to a professional tattoo artist and let yourself be advised. You can make anything from a compass or a small moon to a constellation, a mandala or flowers that occupy the entire chest, going through thousands of other designs that come to mind and you like.

Tattoos on the chest for women with phrases, names or letters

If you want a very personal tattoo, tattoos with phrases, letters or names on the chest are a good option for you. Thanks to this type of designs, known as lettering, you can easily give your chest tattoo a personal touch. If you want your chest tattoo not to occupy the entire area, single letters, short phrases or names are a good idea for you. On the other hand, if you want to give your chest a greater meaning, you can tattoo a phrase in the center of your torso, always taking into account the proportion and symmetry of your anatomy. Phrases under the breast or around it is also a perfect idea for women.

Do you want some ideas? We leave you a list:

  • Initial or name of your loved ones.
  • Initial or name of your pet.
  • Female empowerment phrases.
  • Phrases to have more energy.
  • a mantra
  • Phrases of your favorite song.
  • Name of a country that has marked you.
  • Phrases from your favorite book.
  • Phrases of your favorite song.
  • A phrase that you never want to forget.
  • Chinese, Arabic or other language letters or phrases.

Flower tattoos on the chest for women

Flower tattoos are a safe bet when it comes to chest tattoos for women. Floral designs are very varied and you can make from a discreet, small and pretty design, to a large floral design, which occupies the entire neckline area, the upper chest area or its circumference.

On the other hand, whether you choose a black or white, color or semi-colored or watercolor design, the result will be beautiful, delicate and sensual, especially if you choose to tattoo the collarbone area. In any case, we encourage you to try floral designs, as it never fails. Look for a small flower to put on the side of the chest or a floral combination that adorns everything. Through the flowers you will be able to find the right formula to obtain a tattoo with personality and meaning.

Do you want some ideas? We leave you some options:

  • your favorite flower
  • A flower with personality.
  • Floral designs that run across your chest.
  • a vine
  • Daisies, carnations or roses for small designs.
  • Old school style flowers, with defined lines and saturated colors.
  • Minimalist style flowers.
  • Flowers in colored watercolor.

Cross chest tattoos for women

If you want to refer to your spiritual side, you can opt for a chest tattoo that represents it. One of the oldest symbols that has been used in countless cultures to refer to spirituality is the cross. Although the cross is sometimes associated with Christ and religion, the truth is that crosses can also serve to represent nature. Cross tattoos for women highlight their feminine traits, their delicacy and their emotionality. There are many different types of crossovers.

Crosses can be simple or more sophisticated. Therefore, they will be worth both for a small chest tattoo on the side or in the center of the neckline, as well as for larger and more detailed designs that will look great in the center of the chest.

Heart tattoos on the chest for women

Getting a chest tattoo of a heart can be loaded with symbolism and reality. One option is to make a small, discreet and delicate tattoo of the symbol related to the heart, but if you want something more realistic you can tattoo the organ, just above the left chest, where our heart is located.

The hearts can be simple and simplified and can be made both in the clavicle, in the center of the chest or in its contour. If you want to opt for more striking designs, you can draw the heart between flowers, treble clefs, constellations or any other motif that you want to highlight. And what about the heart and a key or a padlock? It is a complete declaration of intentions. Think about it!

Wings tattoos on the chest for women

Birds are one of the animals that are most often tattooed and not only that, but also their feathers. If you want to tattoo your chest in an original way, you can bet on a design of flocks of birds from the center to the shoulder, in black, in which they can be seen, especially their wings. You can also make a more discreet and small design in which you can see the movement of the wings represented by small birds, as if it were a cartoon.

Another good option is to make two wings at the top or bottom of the neckline, which act as an outline of your chest, to enhance and highlight it. If you are looking for a sexy design, this is the perfect idea. In addition, you can mix the wings with other elements or tattoo characters or symbols that incorporate wings, such as the birds that we mentioned before, but also other animals, such as insects, or even gods.

Learn about the meanings of wing tattoos with this other article. In addition, we recommend you learn about the different types of Tattoo Styles by reading this other post, so you can learn more ideas before deciding on a design.

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