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Never before have spiritual topics, such as energy and healing, received as much attention as in the past two years. To share more deeply with readers about this content, BeautyStyleHub had a fascinating conversation with Chi de Papillon – a knowledgeable guide of Gen Z youth.

According to Chi’s observations, the recent explosion of spirituality-related keywords results from an earlier process. So, this is not a temporary “trend.” On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for people to become more widely known and deepen their understanding of these topics. The pandemic makes us return to our oasis of self, and at the same time, face many events in life. To get through this challenging time, many people want to find a solution, understand why it happened and what they can do to improve their lives. So they began to delve deeper into spirituality.

Besides, information technology is also developing strongly to meet people’s need for connection during a stay at home. Thus, we have quick and easy access to energy and healing content. We choose to receive such information because we feel it is relevant to us in these uncertain times.


First of all, Chi said that if you don’t heal, it’s okay. If you are not yet happy with reality or want to separate yourself, you can gently learn and step on the path of healing. However, it would help if you were ready. Otherwise, no helper or book will motivate you to continue on this path. On the other hand, if you don’t have any connection with spiritual problems or are completely satisfied with what you are, you don’t necessarily need to heal.

If you want to heal, you need to take care of your inner child first. Children are the most innocent, purest emotions of each person, and most hurt derives from it. Chi shared a point she made in a previous podcast: to heal, you need to “become your mother and father.” “Becoming a mother” means nurturing, caring, and comforting yourself, and at the same time deepening your hurt to forgive those who caused it or yourself. And “becoming a father” means being disciplined, serious about your intention to heal, as well as being consistent in your thoughts and actions.

Chi believes that healing is not a destination or a definite moment. For Chi, it’s been a journey. The goal of this journey is also not that you will never experience hardship or grief again. Because ups and downs are natural and inevitable laws, however, there will be moments that let you know you are on the right track along the way to healing. When trials or sorrows come, you can peacefully observe, accept and see them as part of the rhythm of life.

Besides, Chi also believes that love is the most miraculous cure. After experiencing an emotional event, we often say that we won’t believe in love anymore. However, unconditional love is far more potent than hurt and is a powerful force in the universe. However, young people often equate love with pleasing others. According to Chi, this way of thinking will make you sink deeper into negative emotions instead of prompting you to heal.

When talking about this topic, Chi shared her views on toxic love. You can find many articles that list the telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship, but it’s not a recipe for everyone. For Chi, the most common symptom is that you are no longer connected with your values when you enter that relationship. On the other hand, at the beginning of a relationship, we have had our trauma. Therefore, no love is perfect. To keep a healthy and positive relationship, you and your partner need to work together to undo problems and undo old hurts. Until both people can no longer cooperate, love becomes toxic.

Please don’t run away from NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; FACE IT.

During the talk, a reader asked what one should do if one feels not belong here. To answer that question, Chi said that we are all individual souls. Each person will have their journey and trauma. Even though we are all connected in the same universe, it’s hard to find a place or person who makes you feel at home. So, instead of seeing your business in the outside world, you should build it from within.

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Chi de Papillon herself used to feel lost and always dreamed of a faraway place – where she belonged. Chi used to go everywhere and move house many times in search of that place. However, after a long journey, she realized the most important thing was to create a home right in her heart. You can do this by loving, listening, caring, nurturing, and self-disciplined. When you carry “home” in your heart, wherever you go, you will feel that it is where you belong. Moreover, we cannot “run away” to different places during this pandemic, so creating a home is essential.

Besides, we also often expect people to recognize us. When you have not found or believed in your self-worth, you will tend to seek external validation. Therefore, you will subconsciously compare yourself to them and fear that you are not good enough, not good enough. Chi also recommends seeking validation from within yourself first. You have to believe in your worth for others to recognize and acknowledge you.

Feelings of being lost or wanting to be recognized are examples of the loops we encounter in everyday life. In similar bad situations, we will have a particular way of reacting; the next time is the same as the last time. That leaves us trapped in negative energy. To get out of those loops, you should choose to face and break them instead of running away. Try to think and act differently if something happens in the future. It is changing that will help you break old loops and prepare for a new reality.


In recent years, the tarot has become a reliable companion of young people on the path of self-discovery and life creation. Tarot is one of the tools to help you connect with yourself and get an overview of reality. However, the tarot cannot help you control the future. The result of the spread is just one of many possibilities and is influenced by the energy you radiate. So, if your inner power and outer actions change, the future will change.

During the conversation, Chi gave a common sign among young people who are too dependent on tarot. They hear many spread results, but life still doesn’t get better, and the problems remain unresolved. Chi does not judge whether this is right or wrong, as it often stems from the dependent trauma. Vulnerability leads them to seek directional answers and gives them a sense of control over the present and the future.

To break out of that dependence, you need to learn to sift through the information received from the tarot. Besides, it would help if you also practiced grounding to be aware of reality. From there, you can apply the results of the spread to solve life’s difficulties. According to Chi, the fastest way to land is to bring yourself back to the present moment. You can land with breathing, exercise, or contact with nature, but most importantly, it must be combined with mindfulness. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to focus on reality.

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According to the Law of Attraction, you will receive energies of similar frequency if you have positive thoughts. Based on that law, manifestation uses inner power to attract into life what you want, from love, career, and material.

By the end of 2020, the Pinterest platform predicts manifestation will become one of the “explosive” trends in 2021. As expected, from the beginning of this year, many people have started to learn and practice the constructivist method—reality through this thought.

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However, when approaching new knowledge, we cannot avoid mistakes. As observed by Chi de Papillon, there are 3 common errors in manifestation.

  1. People misunderstand manifestation as a type of magic. However, this is not a theory that you need to memorize or practice. The essence of expression is simply a reflection. Whatever your inner energy source has, you will attract the same things from the outside into your life.
  2. Nowadays, many articles say that you need to let go of what you want to attract. But according to Chi, you don’t need to let go; you should learn to transform energy. Think that the things you desire already exist in your mind. It is the source of motivation for you to create external reality. It would help to focus on such positive emotions instead of wondering why your desires never come true.
  3. Your actions do not match what you want to attract into your life. You can just constantly think about something and expect it to come true. For example, you want to get a new job, but you consider it bad luck when the opportunity to end your old career. This way of thinking is not reasonable. To achieve the new reality, you must accept to let go of the old and act and change based on your beliefs.
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Through this talk, Chi wants readers of BeautyStyleHub to understand that tarot, gravity, and manifestation are just tools to help you explore yourself and your life. These tools cannot help you get what you want if you just sit still. Chi said: “If you want to eat, you have to go to the kitchen.” To achieve a specific goal, you need to be determined to act on your desires and, at the same time, accept to let go of the old reality so that you can seize the new opportunities that your beliefs bring. In the process of creating life, the most important thing is still the energy inside you.

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