Differences between gel nails and porcelain nails

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Nails are becoming more and more important in the lives of men and women. For men it has become essential to maintain neat, cut and polished nails; and for women it has become an opportunity to show their particular style.

However, many people don’t have the healthy, strong nails they want. This is why they resort to the use of false nails, either gel or porcelain. But what is really the best option? Well, it all depends on your lifestyle and your tastes.

So today we will show you what are the differences between gel nails and porcelain nails, with their advantages and disadvantages, so you do not doubt which of them to choose.

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1 Porcelain nails

2 Gel nails

The most sought-after on the market thanks to its natural appearance. They are made with a fiberglass base, which makes them very delicate. They are usually placed in the aesthetic center since their placement is a bit laborious. Once placed, they are shaped from the figure of the natural nail, and this is perfectly coupled thanks to a mold that is placed at the base. As porcelain nails are attached to natural ones, they continue to grow, so it is necessary to carry out their maintenance to fill the gaps. Its original color is pink, which makes it quite natural. These nails last about six months, but require biweekly maintenance. To remove them, porcelain nails come with a special liquid that undoes them, making the natural nail unaffected.

2 Gel nails

1 Porcelain nails

The favorites of working women thanks to their high endurance. They are also much cheaper than porcelain nails. Gel nails are made from a UV acrylic gel, a material that is between solid and liquid. They adhere to the natural nail, but having no mold, these may not fit and adapt perfectly. Gel nails also last approximately six months and need maintenance every fortnight, since, like porcelain nails, they adhere to natural nails that continue with their natural growth. To remove gel nails it is necessary to file them, so the natural nail can be affected.

3 Porcelain nails VS Gel nails

As you can see, the differences are not many, but according to the data provided by those who have experienced both types of nails, we could conclude in these most notable differences:

  • Aspect

Porcelain nails have a somewhat more natural look than gel nails, thanks to their original pink color. Anyway, if you decide to wear nails of some color, the difference between gel or porcelain nails, will hardly be noticed.

  • Price

Gel nails are cheaper, with an approximate price of 50 dollars, while porcelain nails can cost between 70 and 80 dollars.

  • Collocation

Gel nails are easier to place and the procedure is faster than porcelain nails.

  • Resistance

They are very even in this aspect. Both are resistant and last approximately 6 months.

  • Elimination

In this case, porcelain nails are better, since with a liquid that is put on the nail, it is completely removed, while the gel nails must be filed and the original nail can be damaged.

You can explain to your manicurist exactly the type of nail you want to fit your lifestyle and your pocket. She will know how to recommend you the best option.

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