Do you want to try the 5-2 diet, intermittent fasting like Hollywood stars?

The 5-2 diet is an intermittent fasting regimen that can give you quick weight loss results. This is a weight-loss method that many top Hollywood stars like Beyonce, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, etc., apply to get back in shape. Let’s learn about this weight loss method.

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  1. What is the 5-2 diet?
    The 5:2 diet is a form of intermittent fasting. With this diet, you will be allowed to eat normally within 5 days, alternating with 2 fasting days. During these 2 fasting days, you have to cut 75% of calories compared to other average eating days. This intermittent diet has been tested for its safety and effectiveness.
  2. The main principles of the 5-2. diet
    2.1 Mechanism of action of the 5-2. diet
    The 5-2 diet mechanism will be based on the method of alternating energy cuts. In 5 days of normal eating, you can eat comfortably without too much abstinence. This energy source will be expended during a 2-day fast.
    Specifically, according to research, we tend to consume from 2,000 to 2500 calories on a typical day. So based on your daily energy level, nutritionists recommend that you only consume 500 to 600 calories in 2 days of fasting. You need to limit food intake to too much within 2 days without having to fast for too long, affecting health like other standard weight loss measures.
chế độ ăn 5-2

  1. 2.2 Successfully applied 5 -2 mode with 12 golden rules
  2. Calculate the amount of weight and BMI before starting the regimen.
  3. Find a weight loss companion.
  4. Make a menu on fasting days.
  5. Know the nutritional composition and calorie levels of the dishes.
  6. Do not eat too hastily. Feel the taste little by little and enjoy the food.
  7. Always keep yourself busy to avoid feeling “sad” and hungry.
  8. Establish a curfew time frame for no food intake.
  9. Don’t be afraid to think about the foods you like.
  10. Provide enough water for the body.
  11. Be comfortable and relax, don’t be too stressed when losing weight.
  12. You can choose days when you are in a good mood to do intermittent fasting.
  13. Love yourself.
Bạn có muốn thử chế độ ăn 5-2 , nhịn  ăn gián đoạn như các ngôi sao Hollywood?

  1. 2.3 The weight loss effect that the 5-2 diet gives you
    According to research, people who follow the 5-2 diet show a calorie deficit each week. This will give you a long-term weight loss effect without having to abstain from ice cream too much, making your body tired and weak.
    Moreover, the implementation of this regimen is proven to help the body reduce harmful LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, balance insulin, and prevent the risk of cancer and oxidation of the body.
    2.4 Mode Execution Time
    There will not be any regulations on the implementation time of the 5-2 regime. Instead, you can do them when your body feels comfortable and at ease. Because this is a lifestyle, not an instant authority. Long-term weight loss will bring you many great benefits.
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  1. Foods that should and should not be used for the diet
    3.1 Foods that should be used during the 2 days of the diet
    During 2 days of intermittent fasting, you should prioritize the following foods:
    • Protein: This is an essential source of nutrients in most weight-loss diets. Protein content will help maintain muscle, reduce fat exceptionally effectively. You can find protein content in lean meat, chicken, chicken, eggs, milk, etc.
    • Omega-3 good fats support fat loss and provide some excellent anti-inflammatory substances for the body. You can get Omega-3 through fatty fish foods.
    • Green vegetables: Possessing meager calories and high fiber content, green vegetables are always the ideal food to support effective weight loss.
    • Fruit: This food will provide the necessary amount of vitamin nutrients for the body. However, you should choose fruits with less sugar to support weight loss more effectively.
    • Grains: This will provide a good source of starch, fiber, and good fats for the body. Helps suppress appetite and control energy levels.
    • Add enough water: Add from 2 to 3 liters per day to promote metabolism and eliminate fat effectively.
    3.2 Foods to avoid
    Strictly speaking, you do not need to abstain from any food in this fasting mode. In 5:2 way, you can choose any food that you feel like and suit your taste.
    However, to be healthy, you need to avoid some of the following foods: canned food, fast food, greasy food, alcohol, and stimulants. These foods should be limited even on regular eating days.
  2. 5-2 diet menu for 1 week
    For 5 days of normal eating, you should follow a 1-day diet from 2 to 3 meals depending on your living habits. And in 2 days of fasting, you can immediately refer to the following fasting menu:
    • Breakfast: Banana and fresh milk
    • Lunch: 1 slice of black bread.
    • Snack: unsweetened yogurt.
    • Evening: Green vegetable salad.
  3. Pros and cons of this diet
    • Easy to implement and adapt.
    • No need to fast for long periods.
    • Can enjoy your favorite dishes on regular eating days
    • Balance insulin levels well, fight diabetes and obesity.
    • Does not cause fatigue and weakness.
    • Calories must be calculated on fasting days to bring about a high weight loss effect.
    • It will be a bit difficult to adapt at first.
    • Fasting days will cause fatigue and dizziness.
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  1. Things to keep in mind when applying the 5-2. diet
    Here are a few things to keep in mind when following an intermittent fasting diet:
    • This regimen is not suitable for people who are pregnant and people with type I diabetes
    • Add protein-rich foods and green vegetables to create a feeling of fullness for a long time without too much impact on calorie intake.
    • Replenish water regularly to help the body have enough electrolytes to not cause fatigue and effectively purify the body.
    • Combine with an exercise regime to effectively lose fat and gain muscle.
    Hopefully, through this article, you have learned valuable information about this fasting mode. Hope you can get back in shape as desired! Together with Beautiful 365 and get motivated with the stars, plan to do the 5-2 diet right now!
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