Does Stress Form Wrinkles?

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Many factors cause wrinkles to “visit” your skin. Among them, mental stress is one of the most unexpected causes.

Wrinkles and skin ageing occur due to both internal and external factors. The most common causes include UV rays, blue light, the formation of free radicals, etc. However, there is a less well-known factor that causes skin ageing, which is stress.

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As a modern lady, you have to face countless challenges in life. Therefore, stress is inevitable. Mental stress is often the cause of wrinkles on the skin. In this article, we invite you to join BeautyStyleHub to learn more about a skin problem called “stress wrinkles”.

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WHY does STRESS form wrinkles?

When we enter a state of stress, we often feel mentally tired and lifeless. This significantly affects your habits and quality of life. Difficulty sleeping, lack of exercise, and a disturbing diet are common conditions when you are stressed. All these factors cause adverse effects not only for health but also for the skin. Stress wrinkles are formed for chronic stress.

Psychological stress will produce a large amount of cortisol. This is a hormone that breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin. As we all know, the lack of collagen and elastin is the leading cause of skin loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles. Furthermore, prolonged stress affects the body’s ability to heal itself. This quickly leads to inflammatory skin problems.

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According to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center dermatologist Margaret Bunimobich, chronic stress can also lead to insulin resistance. This hormone raises blood sugar levels. Insulin contributes to a biological process called glycation. This phenomenon interferes with the elasticity of skin tissues and causes wrinkles to appear earlier.

HOW TO PREVENT Stress From Forming Wrinkles ?
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To prevent stress wrinkles, the first thing you need to do is restore your mental state. Try to keep your mind at ease and peaceful. A cheerful spirit is key to keeping your youthful beauty. To do this, you can find ways to reduce stress. Yoga and meditation are the two most popular spiritual treatments. These exercises can help you reduce stress exceptionally effectively. Besides, you can also apply herbal or essential oil tea recipes that relieve stress.

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Your lifestyle will be reflected in your health and skin. Therefore, building and maintaining healthy living habits is an essential factor to help women own a healthy body and beautiful skin. Let’s start by choosing healthy eating menus and exercising hard. Besides, it would help to limit harmful habits such as smoking and consuming many alcohols. These are the main factors that accelerate the skin ageing process.

Get into the habit of getting enough sleep.
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Sleep is like an “elixir” to help maintain the beauty of the skin. As a beauty lover, you probably already know the benefits of sleep. We are advised to sleep for 8 hours every day. Lack of sleep not only makes your skin terrible but also makes your mind less clear. If stress leads to difficulty sleeping, women can refer to the tips to help improve sleep quality, thereby finding solutions for themselves.

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