easy toe nail designs

Easy toe nail designs

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When summer arrives and we begin to wear looser and fresher clothes, sandals are one of the most used footwears. Our feet are one of the parts that we want to always look perfect. Wearing sandals showing a beautiful design on the toenails can give a plus of styling and make it combine with all looks. However, despite the fact that the world of manicures is becoming more advanced, feet still have certain limitations for people who are not as accessible as hands.

easy toe nail designs

You can always choose to go to a beauty center for help, but if you want to save some money and do it yourself from home, in this new article we are going to propose several easy toenail designs so you can have this summer some perfect and beautiful feet to show off on your vacations or in the pool.

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Flower design

One of the most appropriate toe nail designs for summer is undoubtedly the flower one, as it will give a fresh and casual look. You can do it with the colors and style you want, either with a large flower in the central area or with small messy designs on the nail.

To have simple and pretty toenails decorated with floral designs, you must first choose a background color. It is recommended a color such as white, maroon or sky blue, to create contrast. Then, you must choose the color of the petals and draw them in the part you want and with the desired size.

Animal cartoon design

If you want an easy toenail design that is a little more fun and daring, it is always a good option to fill your toenails with color with animal designs such as ladybugs, cats, turtles or dogs. You should use each nail as a mini canvas and have a fine brush for details. You can use the nail of the big toe, which is the largest, to make the face of the animal you want and, for the small ones, make a set of shapes with the same colors so that it is the entire theme foot.

Stripe design

If you have very small or short toenails, one of the simplest designs that can solve your whole look is stripes. Here you have two options; If you have very long nails, it will be good for you to make horizontal stripes to open up the nail.

If, on the other hand, you have very short nails, you can do them vertically to create the optical illusion. The ideal is that you choose a base color and on this you begin to make the lines with a fine pencil of the color that you like the most. If you want to have your nails decorated for elegant feet, this is your design.

Hearts design

To give a more romantic and tender touch to this selection of easy toe nail designs, we give you this option with which you can add hearts. It doesn’t have to be a red heart on a pink background, you can also play with the tones and do something summerier with white hearts on a light blue background.

You can choose the size of the heart based on your tastes and the size of your nails. Still, the technique is the same as with flowers; You must place a base of the color you prefer and, with a fine brush, draw the hearts in the position you prefer. If you want to freshen up your manicure, this is a good choice among the youthful toe nail designs.

French manicure design

A French manicure is always a good option, since it stylizes and gives elegance to all nail styles, and those of the feet were not going to be less. Whether you have round, long or rectangular nails, you can give yourself a pedicure and finish off with a thin line that goes around the edge of the nail. Although the most classic option is with a pale pink background and white line, you can play and experiment as you wish and perhaps dare with easy but more colorful toenail designs combining, for example, lilac and black or yellow and blue.

Logo or emoji design

If you are looking for an easy, original toenail design full of nods to pop culture, one of the best ideas is to be able to use the extension that is usually on the toenails to draw some logos or symbols that represent your tastes. For example, you can create a design with WhatsApp emojis or even draw the symbols of Marvel or DC heroes. Express yourself and, with the help of a fine brush, get creative on your feet.

Polka dot design with stones

If you are looking for something a little simpler that does not require you to be drawing so precisely, a design that always looks good and that gives a formal and refreshing style is that of polka dots. You just have to apply a base of the color you prefer, for example white or brown, and paint over it with the help of a fine brush small dots in a disorderly way.

If you want to give yourself an extra touch and make it more special, you can add a stone toenail design. You just have to buy special diamond-shaped stickers for manicure and place a small stone per nail to give it texture and a touch of shine.

Gradient design

To finish, another of the styles that are most popular and that, despite being simple, is very showy, is the gradient, which creates volume and gives a very elegant look. You must choose a base color and, when it dries, apply a second color with the help of a sponge only on the tip of the nails. The second color must be of a tone of the same range to give the effect of degradation. You can even do the gradient with some glitter polish to give it shine.

If you liked these toenail designs and want to know how to take care of your feet so that they look good in sandals, check out our posts How to file toenails and Homemade foot scrubs , you’ll love them!

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