5 Exploding makeup styles in 2021

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woman wearing red, white, and black aztec top

Fashion and beauty trends are always endless, changing reels. With the constant change in beauty trends, every year, we welcome new and unique makeup styles. So what makeup trends will explode in 2021? Let’s explore with us now!

  1. Pastel eyeliner makeup style
    Black or brown eyeliners have become so common in makeup styles. 2021 is considered to be a year full of creativity and brightness as the world is gradually recovering. Therefore, the trend of vibrant pastel eyeliner will become more and more “on the throne.”
phong cách trang điểm kẻ mắt màu pastel

Charming pastel eyeliner makeup style
With various transformations, pastel colors for eyeliner can be changed depending on the color of clothes and accessories. The ton-sur-ton makeup style with the outfit makes the overall look more impressive and fashionable.

pastel eyeliner makeup style

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  1. Maximum makeup style (maximalist style)
    Contrary to minimalism, the trend of maximalism will break all limits and show a strong personality through makeup. Girls who love creativity and individuality will surely fall in love with this makeup style.

Temporarily ignoring deep or neutral eye tones, girls can freely change colors or new textures. From there, they are giving you an attractive appearance, bold personality. Besides, you can rely on the outfit and accessories to combine many stunning eyeshadow tones.

  1. How to apply makeup so that the “window of the soul” always shines?
    In the situation that everyone has to wear a mask to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, taking care of sparkling eyes is the top concern of women.
phong cách trang điểm cho đôi mắt

Makeup style for eyes
This makeup style focuses on creative creativity with different eye colors. This makes the eyes more gorgeous. Besides being creative in eye color, you can also transform as diverse as attaching tiny stone beads to your eyes.

  1. Makeup eyes and lips with gloss
    Glossy eyelid makeup style combined with lip balm is “storming” in the beauty community. This style creates the effect of making the skin smooth and full of life.

The method is also straightforward; you just need to apply your favorite eyeshadow palette. Then cover the eyelids with a layer of glossy gel. Besides, you can also do the same with your lips.

Create shine when makeup for eyes and lips

  1. Pink makeup
    Girls who pursue a feminine, gentle style should not ignore this pretty makeup style. Especially in Asia, pink makeup is prevalent because it brings a delicate beauty, suitable for all skin tones and Asian facial contours.

pink makeup style
Don’t worry that wearing only one color of makeup will be boring. You can combine different shades of pink, such as orange-pink, peach makeup, coral pink, etc., to create a new, multi-dimensional look.

phong cách trang điểm nhẹ nhàng

Light makeup style
Above are five unique makeup styles that are expected to explode in 2021. Pick your favorite style right away to transform your look more shimmering and attractive!

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