foot tattoo ideas

Foot tattoo ideas

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With the arrival of summer our feet are much more exposed. If you are thinking of showing off a beautiful tattoo on your foot and you still don’t know what to do, in the following article we will make some proposals for you. Despite the fact that foot tattoos are famous for being painful, it really is a place where you can show off tattoos of all kinds, from more discreet through elegant and small designs, to much more colorful and creative if you bet on originality. Next, we are going to give your ideas of tattoos on the feet so that you can say what your next design will be like. Which one do you prefer?

foot tattoo ideas

Tribal foot tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very common and doing them on the foot can be a very nice idea. Making a tribal design with floral notes will allow you to frame your foot and decorate it from the ankle to the instep or even up your leg. Through this tattoo you can simulate a vine or filigree and include other motifs that you like, such as a lotus flower or red roses. In addition, you can have a design of your tribal tattoo as you like: in black and white, in color, with a simple or more complex stroke. The variants are endless! Learn here some ideas about the meaning of tribal tattoos.

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Words or phrases for a tattoo on the foot

Resorting to a word that marks you or a phrase that you do not want to forget or that you like to remember is very common when we talk about tattoos. Therefore, it is an idea that cannot be missed if we talk about tattoos on the foot. Find that word that means so much to you, that special name or any phrase that you want to mark on your skin. In addition, in the foot the options are multiple. You can get a tattoo on the inside of the ankle if you want this word to be more discreet, although it is always present, or bet on doing it on the instep. Here you can learn some ideas of short phrases for tattoos.

Oriental foot tattoo designs

If you are thinking of subtle, elegant designs that make your foot look beautiful every time you put on a sandal, oriental designs may be the ideal option for you, especially if you like Japanese culture or Chinese culture and want to a design loaded with meaning. From tigers, to dragons, through geishas and samurai, to Japanese masks, the cherry blossom or the lotus flower, all of them can be represented on the foot either by small or larger tattoos that go up the leg. In this other post you can know the meaning of Japanese tattoos.

Small symbols for a tattoo on the foot

A heart, an anchor, a star, a sun, a moon, a wave of the sea, a palm tree, a fir tree, a mountain, Chinese letters or in other languages, an initial. You like what you like, if you want a small motif that adorns your foot, you can do it in a subtle way with a small tattoo loaded with symbology. The small designs on the foot work perfectly and, the best thing is that you can represent what you want without having to make the tattoo very flashy. Do you dare to try it?

Flowers for a tattoo on the foot

Flowers are and will always be one of the safe bets when it comes to tattoos, wherever they are. Therefore, we cannot ignore these designs for a tattoo on the foot. Whether in the form of a vine, a single flower or a multi-flower design, it can be beautiful and romantic. For example, you can tattoo a bouquet of flowers and spikes or a vine that goes from the instep to the ankle and your feet will be worthy of photographing. Here you will be able to know the Meanings of flower tattoos.

Ethnic designs for a tattoo on the foot

Do you like henna tattoos? Have you seen how some tribes wear their henna tattoos? If you are thinking of a large, detailed and colorful foot tattoo, ethnic designs are perfect for you. Styles like Māori, Samoan or Tahitian are some of the favorites among ethnic tattoos. The idea is that your foot becomes an ornamental canvas through complex designs, with many lines and shapes. Ethnic drawings are usually very versatile and will adapt to any part of your body, such as the foot, one of the favorite places for this type of tattoo. Also, if you want to surprise even more, you can do the tattoo on both feet, symmetrically. All an art! Discover some ideas in these other posts about the Meaning of Māori Tattoos and Samoan Tattoos and their meanings.

Personal symbology for a tattoo on the foot

It is becoming more and more fashionable to make different tattoos that do not have any type of connection between them but that mean a lot to you. Although it is somewhat random and they are usually designs that escape from realism, they are a great option if you want to capture on your skin those motifs that you like. Animals, vegetation, arrows, dates… Almost everything has a place when we talk about tattoos! What are the symbols with which you most identify? If you, have it clear, you can make a potpourri of everything that represents you and tattoo it on your foot in a fun and original way.

Mandala tattoo on the foot

Another good idea, similar to ethnic designs, is to tattoo a mandala. It is a representation of the universe and a sacred symbol for many religions and philosophies, such as Buddhism. This figure represents radial balance and reflects the sense of proportion, thanks to its geometric pattern and the diagrams that make it up. Look for creative and original designs to represent your mandala on the foot, either on the instep or ankle or in a geometric way between both feet. Learn more about the meaning of a mandala tattoo in this other post.

Animal tattoos for the foot

Another of the great classics that work well on the foot are animal tattoos. In this sense, you can choose from the largest to the smallest design, as well as the animal that you like the most or that represents you the most, with color, in black and white, realistic or minimalist. Any option is valid! Animal tattoos accept all styles and varieties: from tattooing a small bone, to the footprints of your dog, a full-color hummingbird on the ankle, a cute elephant, the ears and whiskers of a cute kitten. There are as many options and ideas as animals and styles in the world. Which one do you prefer?

More original ideas for a tattoo on the foot

A barcode, a secret message, coordinates, a brand. Anything can be worthy of being tattooed. For this reason, we propose a different and unique tattoo, which only a few can see. Choose the part of the foot that you prefer, but the sole of the foot is a fun and original idea to include this creative and unique design.

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