Ken’s Fur Coat

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Get the Kenergy with Ken’s Fur Coat!
Trying to channel that “Kenergy” into your life? Well, wearing his outfit is a good start!

When Barbieland got overtaken by the Kens, you can spot Ryan Gosling. This amazing fur coat shows he’s not just a Ken, but THE KEN who now owns a mojo dojo casa house (formerly, Barbie’s dreamhouse). 

A picture of Ken wearing a fur coat

In Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, Ken’s fur coat is not just another statement piece but also an element to show his journey. When he went from just another Ken doll to a Ken who pretty now owns Barbieland. 

Inspired by a photo of Sylvester Stallone donning a pretty similar fur coat, Jacqueline Durran created this bad boy rocker look for Ryan Gosling to show Ken’s transformation. 

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His fur coat has become a symbol of his growing confidence and the influence of the real world on him. With the faux fur, pants, and bandana combo, Ken emulates popular male fashion icons that are the perfect picture of masculinity that the Kens emulate in Barbieland. 

A part from the song, "I'm just Ken".

Now, in the real world, Ken also became a trendsetter with thousands upon thousands of TikTok videos copying costumes from the film. As Halloween comes closer and closer, it won’t be a surprise if there will be a huge crowd of Kens walking down the street this Halloween.

If you want to be “Kenough” this Halloween, you can get Ken’s fur coat here. Whether you’re alone or with another Barbie, this Ken Halloween costume is perfect for every aspiring Ken out there!

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