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10 websites where you can find Best Google Slides Themes

Download premium-grade and professional or simpler readymade google slide templates to help you quickly build a PowerPoint presentation without starting from scratch.

Once upon a time uploading a PowerPoint file to Google Drive resulted in one messed up slide deck not worthy of the name. But thanks to the invention of the robust cloud-based Google Slides presentation software, the trend has been migration from traditional software to this new platform. The advantages are almost obvious. First of all, with cloud connectivity, you can access and edit your PowerPoint templates from anywhere at any given time. As usual, Google has a boot load of tutorial and support resources to explain to you like a 3-year-old how this works. You can choose from a variety of portfolios and other ready-made presentations.

However, you just might find that what Google is offering you is not exactly what you need regarding Customizing and theming capabilities. That’s where all these other websites where you can find the best google slides themes come in to save the day.

We have put together a list of the best website recommendable for you below;

Of course, you can never go wrong with slides from google. As long as you already have a Google account you can access and use google slides and, of course, the powerhouse has a good number of quality slides themes and templates to get you started. They may not be the best themes you will ever set your eyes on, but they are quite simple and clear and free. If you are looking for something that will meet the professional threshold of professional presentations then with a little tweak these will do. To get a more sophisticated and premium grade template tailored ad themed to your kind of presentation try any of the websites listed below.


Slidescarnival is one great way to discover free presentation templates for Google Slides. The site provides you with a reliable download of a clean and simple template designed for business and purely professional content. The templates you get here are highly customizable, so you can load them with your content and make them feel a bit more like yourself. You can even get Halloween-themed templates to liven your meeting and lectures with the mood of the season. From this website, you will get numerous themes for Google slides to communicate your ideas and all this and more for free.

They say that the best things are free but that never applies to the world of creative products. Visit to browse over 15000 slides. These slides sell in packs of 8 for instance according to the style in which they are designed. If you are looking for something more official and professional, then this is the go-to shop for all your slide’s themes needs. Anything from mind maps to hierarchy and process styled slides is carefully designed by the best designers and put up for sale right here so you can get to use them.

As a pro you are good enough at what you do, you are not expected to be a creative and color-conscious graphic designer at the same time. So save yourself a good deal of time and find the most on-point, stuff on the web right here.

Next, you can make a brief stop at www. sketchbubble .com and try quite a number of free templates they have on there for free download. You do not have to but if you do subscribe to their mailing list, you will receive access to new templates every time they make them. They have quite a number of good them on there too and depending on what you are after this could be your holy grail. Particularly their classroom themed google slide template is created with the teacher in mind. Give your students a lively presentation with this amazing template which incidentally can be adapted for other presentations as well.

Free google slides templates

That’s right! That is the title of the most popular website where you can find the best google slides themes. What you will find unique to this site is the wide variety of free second-guessing breathtaking presentation of the contents of the website. These two things go a long way to tell you all you need to know that this website knows its presentations. Each product on this page will show you a preview of all its slides in the form of embedded slide shows. This will help you find exactly what you need without second-guessing. Make use of multiple readymade sample layouts to make comprehensive presentations easily on your own.

Unlike other free stuff available on many other websites, this is serious stuff you can actually use for corporate presentations. A button at the bottom of each product allows you to open a view-only copy of the slide and you can then save this for use in your own presentations.

Graphic River

Graphic River and its sister websites are the most famous website where you can get all sorts of templates and web content. Anything from logos and add-ons to website templates and themed google slides templates are all present on this resourceful website. In their famous google slides template gallery, they provide you with some of the best quality graphic designers some for free. The premium themes are something that can set you aside from the crowd as a professional in your various presentations.

You can shop for templates with appropriate themes by previewing template from many developers. This your one-stop shop for all things web content and you can almost be sure of finding your ideal google slides themes at.


Initially, this website used to provide PowerPoint templates only but the new wave of change has left them with no choice but to change or go the way of the dinosaur. Fortunately, they currently provide some cool templates that are now supported on Google Slide. On this platform, you can open your templates of choice saving you the time and hassle of downloading and then uploading them again to the Google Slide cloud. You will find the fact that their slides come with editable objects invaluable while customizing them for your own presentation.

All templates on this site are developed by serious designers with a clear knowledge of what they are doing and you will find it to be quite appropriate for your official presentations.

PPT Template

Next is another popular site under the domain which is arguably the coolest website on this list. It is perhaps so because of a special feature where you not only download their slide decks as PowerPoint files but also import and convert your files into the Google slide format. How cool is that? This is the middle earth of the two presentation software, where the two worlds meet. With this website, you no longer have to worry about remaking your PowerPoint slides in google slides cloud.

What‘s more, all the slide decks available here are perfect for your high definition screen and free of charge. If you like your generic templates with impressive slide backgrounds, then you will absolutely love PPT templates.

Macfadden’s Templates

Mike Macfadden is one no-nonsense high school teacher who after getting frustrated by Google Slides decided to do something about it. Now, this fellow set out to make something useful, but he ended up creating professional templates that were envied by his visitors. Since then, the website has improved its quality to offer some of the best free templates you can find online. They look and feel premium but believe it or not, these templates are free, so you don’t have to pay a dime to get your next big presentation right.

Having brought such high-quality templates to the Google Slides user, it would be very unfair to end this list without acknowledging his masterpieces. Check out his work from the URL provided below as another source for great Google slide themes and ideas.

Ginva is the final website that we are going to explore on this list but far be it from you to think that it by any means the least among them. On the contrary, there wouldn’t be a better way to end the list than on a high note. Is there any other way? will offer you the best selection of templates for business, education and marketing presentations in this list. From organizational charts to creative cycle diagrams and five steps puzzle diagrams. You can rest assured that whatever you are looking for you will easily find on this cool website.

In a nutshell, the above ten websites will help you do more with the free online Google Slide presentation platform. You can rely on them to get professional and premium grade templates. Remember that the free stuff too is awesome. Often you are more likely to find what you are looking for in the most unlikely of websites. Sometimes simplicity is really the key to keeping your slide decks simple and clear to avoid confusing your audience. If you haven’t been using readymade and pre-themed slide templates, then you will save much time and effort while getting better results by doing so.

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