Hair loss caused by stress and how to fix it

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Unlike treating acne or skin pigmentation, hair loss is something everyone experiences once, but little attention is paid to it. Women tend to face this condition more than men. Among the factors that lead to this condition, stress cannot be ignored. Invite you and BeautyStyleHub to learn more about the cause and how to fix it in the following article.


Your hair is in constant growth. Hair will be formed, shed, rest for a certain period and then repeat this cycle. This operation will never be stopped or interrupted.

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The first is the hair growth phase: the length and quality of hair will depend on each person’s genetics. After that, the inches will reach their final growth and prepare to go into the shedding phase. Your hair will need about 2-3 weeks to perform this phase. After that, the hair will go into a resting state to prepare for the next cycle.

During this phase, the hair falls out, but the follicle cells still contain the hair until it is nourished by new growth. This is the stage when the hair is susceptible to the effects of hormones emitted by your mood. The stress caused by pressure from work and life during the resting hair phase will make the hair more likely to break.


Although hair loss is a common problem for everyone, it often gets worse when you are in a period of stress or anxiety. When stressed, the level of cortisol in the body increases. Cortisol meets hormones in the body that will cause your hair to go into a “resting” state. This is the period when your hair is most likely to break. Besides increasing hair loss, stress can also cause your scalp to itch more.

Therefore, the most effective way to limit hair loss is to manage stress hormones through foods and health products. In addition, stress reduction methods such as yoga, meditation or blood pressure are highly effective in limiting stress and preventing hair loss.


If you want to treat hair loss effectively, you have to be patient instead of expecting a different result in a day or two. Treatments for hair loss also need four to six months to see the full effect.

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The easiest way to get rid of this nightmare is to trim it to stimulate hair growth regularly. At the same time, you should combine a home care process with four simple steps: shampoo, conditioner, hair conditioner and complete nutritional supplements to nourish hair from the follicle cells.

In addition, you should maintain a balanced diet as well as moderate exercise. Moreover, a whole night’s sleep also helps you keep your mind alert, limiting the risk of stress in the long run. In case the hair still does not stop falling, you should consult a specialist for treatment guidance. Because even if you do not experience any severe hair disease, this can be a health problem that your body is alerting to you. You should consult in the clinic for prompt treatment.

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