Half Moon Style Nail Manicure Designs and Ideas How do you do the half-moon step by step?

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Manicure has been in fashion for many years now. Crescent nail types are a style that has endured through the decades. Because it is a very elegant and versatile style.

Are you looking for new ideas for your nails? The crescent can give you everything you are looking for and more. Learn with our super original ideas.

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Types and designs of crescent on nails

We all have a small shape on our natural nails called a lunula. It can be found on all nails, and much more pronounced on the thumbs. This can be more marked on some nails than others, and the size can vary.

It is as a result of this discoloration in the natural nails that the crescent design in the traditional manicure was born. Since then, crescent models have become incredibly popular.

Also, this is a design that you can use on both short and long nails. Square or round, the truth is there are no limits to use it. And you can use your imagination to create the best designs.

High crescent with rhinestones

Rhinestones have become popular in manicures, especially in acrylic or gel nail designs. When creating a high crescent on the nails, the boundary is adorned with small sparkling stones around it. In contrast to an opaque or light color, they look amazing.

Half moon up

Many girls are experimenting with the crescent design covering almost the entire base of the nail. Leaving only a small section of nail at the tips. This is painted with light colors such as white, while the crescent is painted with more intense and striking colors.

Short nails with large crescent

Traditional design, popularized in the eighties by all those women who wanted a unique style. The nails are generally oval-shaped, and the crescent shape is the same as the natural lunula shape of our nails.

Utensils needed to make the crescent on the nails

Manicurists have perfected the realization of these designs over the years. And in addition, they recommend paying attention to the lunulae of the nails. Since through them, it can be verified if there is any disease in the body or in the nails.

Depending on how the nail lunules are, they can mean problems in circulation, metabolism, kidneys, among others. So, pay attention to your nails to protect your health!

Likewise, nail care requires the use of suitable utensils. And for the realization of the crescent, the following are needed:

  • 2 Nail polishes the color of your preference.
  • Adhesive tapes in oval or crescent shape.
  • Top Coat.
  • Acetone to polish the edges.

Once you have all the utensils, you will only need to get the best design you have found. And you are ready to create a unique and special design with the crescent of your nails!

How to make a half moon in fingernails or toenails?

The French manicure is very easy to do. Therefore, you can follow these steps to do it yourself at home:

  • File your nails in the way you prefer. Square, oval, round or stiletto.
  • Apply a strengthening nail polish base to protect them from other chemicals.
  • Apply the first coat of nail polish in the color you have chosen as the base. Wait for it to dry completely.
  • With the help of the adhesive in the shape of a half moon, place it on the base of the nail in the way you prefer. You should know that this adhesive is to limit the area in which you will paint the crescent. So, you choose the way you want to define that area.
  • Apply the second color of enamel, in the area delimited for the crescent that you created earlier. And before removing the adhesive, let the polish dry completely.
  • Once you have removed the adhesive, clean the edges of the nails with the help of a toothpick soaked in a little acetone. Take care not to damage the design you just made.

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