How can I cut or gather my hair to hide my big, thick nose?

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No matter what our body is like, we will always have something to reproach it, our genetics and therefore, our parents. Given this, today we will respond to: How to hide the big nose? Or what haircut suits me if I have a big nose?

We can repeat these questions several times every day if we have these factions, however, there are a large number of favorable answers and techniques that we can apply from today.

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From a simple haircut, a hairstyle different from the current one, to a complete change of look, they are part of the different ways to hide a large nose.

When we want to highlight other parts of our face, we can use earrings that attract attention. Wide bridge lenses can also be useful if they are part of our day to day. In summer, it is common to wear hats, the wide-brimmed ones generate a great balance that you can take advantage of.

In turn, as with dark circles, the use of makeup can be of great help in these cases.

The best solution is and will always be to highlight other parts of our body, especially the face, so that the eyes are directed to them and not to our nose.

Haircuts to hide a big and thick nose

The bangs and big nose are difficult to reconcile. However, if you don’t want to leave your beloved bangs behind you can put it to the side and keep your hair in layers.

Among the best haircuts for women with a big nose is not cutting it, but what do you say!? Indeed, the ideal solution is to highlight the hair by leaving it long and voluminous.

If you have curly hair, you already have an advantage because most of the eyes will go towards it and not towards your nose.

In case of having straight hair, the best option in addition to increasing its volume will be waves. Undone waves can also be of great help.

Sometimes it can be tedious to make waves in our hair, do not worry, wavy ends are also a great option for those days when we are short of time.

On the other hand, avoid short hair at all costs, this will make your nose stand out more and is not the idea. Instead, you can go for an asymmetrical haircut.

Types of collected to hide the big nose

Forget about wearing the part in the middle, this lengthens your face and your nose may look longer than before. In turn, collect the hair with bows or pigtails. it can have counterproductive effects.

In order to hide a large nose, it is recommended to bring the bangs to the sides in case you do not want to cut it.

Braids are your great friends, by placing them over the shoulder much of the attention falls on her. As your hair grows, you can opt for oversized bobby pins that are eye-catching for others.

Generating a balance between the forehead and the side bangs is a great option for day-to-day life since you can highlight a prominent forehead and hide the nose a bit.

What hair color can I use to hide a big nose?

It is now when you should let your creativity fly, let us remember that the main objective is to hide the big nose, especially highlighting other features of the face.

The hair color to use can vary according to several factors, for example, the color of your skin or that of your eyes. If you have white skin, you can enjoy a wide choice.

To choose beads initially with light colors such as lilac or yellow to dark colors such as black or dark brown. Both shades can contribute to highlighting your hair. In addition, if you have light-colored eyes, you have more points in your favor because the looks can go directly to them.

If you have brown skin, don’t limit yourself! You can also use a wide range of colors, however, you can take advantage of how well the highlights and reflections are, as well as the combination of two totally opposite colors.

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