How do I know if my shaved hair looks good and how does the hair grow after shaving? – Best shaved haircuts for women

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A good haircut is something that most women give us good self-esteem and confidence when leaving our homes. We can see that women’s shaved haircuts have become quite popular today. Women who shave their heads do not lose the ability to amaze us. The psychology of shaving hair leads to the past, where the woman’s shaved hair was not associated with her own character decision. Either for medical reasons, for hygiene or for some kind of punishment.

The meaning of shaving the head in the bible, in history was considered dishonorable because long hair was the veil that God had given us. As time passed, its meaning changed. Many women in the Middle Ages used it as a sign of preventing sexual advancement. But currently it took a very unexpected turn, and that is that every time shaved hair for women is becoming a favorite as a sign of strength and social independence. How do I know which haircut looks good on me if I am a woman?

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The haircut greatly influences the paraciencia of us women. It is advisable to make one with which we feel comfortable and safe. There are techniques to know which is the cut that favors us the most.

One of the most frequent and simple is to place a pencil horizontally under the chin and after this, place a ruler from where the earlobe ends, which touches a tip of the pencil located under the chin. If it marks more than 6 centimeters, long hair is the one that suits you best. If you mark less than that, short hair will flatter you more.

Currently there are different ways to wear a shaved cut without having it all over the head. We can make a woman’s neck shaved, which consists of only shaving the upper part of the neck, approximately up to the height of the ears.

This cut is worn with a high ponytail, or a scruffy high bun. In the same way, the half-sided shaved, that is to say, that only part of the side of the head is shaved.

How long does it take for shaved hair to grow?

As for women’s shaved hairstyles, they are a trend that is gaining strength in the hairdressing market. It consists of cutting completely, or almost completely, the hair of the whole head or a part of it. Every time we see more women in the streets shaved from one side, and some of us are very astonished and happy to see that stereotypes are being broken.

On the subject of shaving the head woman psychological meaning, we can notice that this is clearly a radical change for our appearance. Although it grows approximately 0.4 millimeters a day, and about 15 centimeters a year.

That it is done by own decision denotes security and strength. Apart from this, specialists affirm that shaving the head does not affect the genetic structure of the hair fiber at all.

Regarding the subject of a woman’s shaved head, we must know that this style is not the same in all. It depends on the shape of our face. It is a matter of doing an examination of conscience to decide if it is our style or not. 

How to shave or shave my head by myself at home

To do this at home we must first have something to shave and preferably new blades, it basically consists of removing all the hair from your head, a tip is, first cut most of the hair with a scissors, and then use some shaving foam to avoid irritating the area.

If what you want is a shaved woman’s neck with long hair, it would be easier to go to a stylist, since this area is not very visible to you. And by having the hair collected, the captured figure can be perfectly seen, so it is preferable that the line that separates the long hair, with the shaved, is very straight.

It is appropriate to point out benefits when shaving your head, as it will grow faster, stronger and healthier. When wearing a shaved look, the same care should be given to the hair during its growth.

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