use face primer like a pro

How These Face Primers Will Step Up Your Make-Up Game Right Now

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use face primer like a pro

Do you feel like your makeup base doesn’t sit perfectly, no matter how carefully you apply it? Or do you notice small cracks and bumps on your base which destroy your overall look? Many of us face such problems, and we feel as if there’s something wrong with our base! NO! Let me break it to you once and for all: There’s nothing wrong with your foundation/base. What you need is a good quality FACE PRIMER! Perhaps you’re already using a primer, but not the right or the right kind, hence the unfinished makeup look. And still, there are a lot of people who don’t use a primer at all! Whatever your case is, this article is going to be very helpful for you! We’ll not only educate you on the basics of primers but also tell you how to use face primers like a pro!


So first things first: What exactly is a face primer? The answer is pretty simple. A primer PRIMES your skin for smooth application of makeup. It prepares your skin, concealing all the pores and making it smooth to hold whatever makeup you put after it. Just like you prepare a canvas before actually starting your painting!


In general, there are as many types of primers as any other beauty product. And for good reasons. Different skin requires different sorts of primers according to its texture, complexion, and makeup needs. For this reason, several primer options are available for you to try–ranging from blurring, hydrating, mattifying, and luminizing primers.

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In fact, the most common type of primer is a silicon-based blurring primer. It works magically on your skin to blur and smoothen it for the perfect application of other makeup products.

However, hydrating primers give a hydrating boost to your skin. They’re specially made for people with dry skin. In fact, they usually contain hyaluronic acid as a hydrating agent, which preps your skin for perfect makeup application by alleviating dryness.

Furthermore, there is a mattifying primer that gives your skin a matte finish look. It conceals the open pores and softens your skin. Sometimes it also contains sunscreen as a constituent to protect your skin from sun damage.

It’s worthy of mentioning that beauty brands are now producing all-in-one primers. These unique products not only blur, mattify, smooth, and hydrate your skin but also moisturize and brighten it. They also target acne and fine lines, giving your skin the perfect treatment it deserves!


Primers have been a part of the beauty industry for as long as one can remember. But still, they remain a topic of confusion for many users. Why? Simply because people don’t apply them correctly. Many people apply it at the wrong step of makeup, while others use the improper technique.

One important thing to keep in mind that primer is supposed to be applied AFTER THE LAST STEP OF YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, AND AT THE BEGINNING OF MAKEUP APPLICATION. Secondly, the best technique to apply it is by using your fingers. Also, it would be best if you let the primer dry for a minute before applying your makeup. Just use a small amount of it, not too much.


To sum up, our guide to primers will help you know why you need them, which one you need and how to use a face primer like a pro! Come on, give it a try. You will be glad that you did.

Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum


This silky, luxurious oil blend glides on strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier, even out pores, and shield against environmental aggressors. In fact, the formula’s hydrating action helps to create a refined and retexturized surface for makeup. Skin appears dewier, younger, and more luminous. Moreover, the “28” in the product’s name refers to the formula’s key ingredients, including 14 essential oils, ten lipid-rich plant oils, and four vitamins. Finally, the silky, lightweight oil blend glides on, absorbs to prime the skin, and hydrates the complexion.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer


The hangover is a revolutionary makeup face primer infused with coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers that work together to boost skin’s radiance. Not to mention, it promotes elasticity and helps hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, more extended, and more flawless wear. Smooth one to two pumps over the face and blend into the skin. It can be worn alone or under makeup.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Primer


It quickly minimizes the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. In other words, this priming phenomenon is your quick-fix solution for flawless-looking skin. POREfessional’s translucent, oil-free formula complements all skin tones to create a smooth canvas and mattify shine. In fact, the formula contains a vitamin E derivative, which is known to protect skin from free radicals. Apply a thin layer to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat gently from the center of the face outward with fingertips.

NARS Radiance Primer broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen


It’s Energizing. It’s Revitalizing. Oil-free. In fact, Radiance Boosting Complex instantly revives dull, tired skin and helps add long-term vitality to the complexion. Not to mention, it prolongs and enhances the look of makeup. Encapsulated sunscreen beads release on contact for luxuriously fresh broad-spectrum protection. Apply clean skin for an allover glow or concentrate on the face’s high points for added dimension.

NYX High Glass Face Primer

$8.50 – $11.90

Create a perfect base for an all-day luminous glow look with NYX Professional Makeup High Glass Face Primer. As Step 1 of the 3-Step High Glass Skin Regimen*, this gorgeous formula is infused with light-reflecting pearls to create the illusion of translucent glass skin with a high glow. Silky to the touch, it glides on smoothly, creating a fresh and healthy look that can be worn alone or under foundation for high glow, prolonged wear. Not to mention, it is available in flattering shades for a wide range of skin tones. Glass skin, defined: Evolving from K-Beauty dedication to a healthy, glowy, hydrated-looking complexion, “glass skin” refers to skin that looks translucent, smooth, and reflective-just like a pane of glass. Apply this creamy formula to the face with your fingertips or the High Glass Primer Brush.

Urban Decay All Nighter Ultra Glow Face Primer


This hydrating face primer grips foundation for up to 12 hours and refreshes skin with hydrating hyaluronic acid and agave extract. Not to mention, it can be worn alone for light moisturization and a natural glow or layered under the foundation for a dewy-makeup look. Apply a dime-size droplet all over clean skin. For hydrated, refreshed skin, wear it solo—it’s the only product you need for a glowing finish. Apply the dewy makeup primer before foundation to help grip your makeup look for added staying power with a youthful glow. Mix the facial primer with your favorite foundation or concealer for an entirely sheer, dewy finish.

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