How to care for whole or highlighted hair What shampoo and home remedies to use to tint the highlights?

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When you decide to change your hair look, with a new color, it is necessary to do a procedure to take care of it, otherwise, neglecting those highlights can make your hair turn the opposite of what you wanted. Among the causes, you can lose the color tone or worse, that your hair becomes brittle and dry. If the goal of your new look for your hair is to make it look striking and beautiful, rigorous care is necessary to keep it that way.

How to care for hair dyed with blonde highlights or streaks?

The main thing you should do is to regulate how you wash it, or more to try not to wash it too much the first time. Washing your new highlights more than necessary, especially the first few days, will cause them to fade quickly. The first few days are very delicate for your new hair.

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Therefore, leave it intact and dry for that time and so the dye will immediately permeate into the hair and much better. Even after the first day, it is best to stop washing it daily for a long time. In this way, you will avoid damaging the tincture while it sets.

Ironically, even if you can’t get it wet, your hair still needs to be hydrated. However, for this you must start moisturizing it with special conditioners. Be very careful, not all of them are convenient. Mainly, the conditioners you use should not contain sulfates.

The temperature of the water also has a huge influence. Hot water quickly corrodes highlights or blonde hair with highlights. From now on, it is best to use warm or preferably cold water. Another very important factor in caring for your highlights is carefully selecting which shampoo to use.

What shampoo to use to tint highlights?

That’s right, from now on not all shampoo will be suitable for your new hair. You must make sure to choose the best shampoo for your highlights. Mainly make sure that the shampoos you buy indicate very well that they are colorfast.

Now, the specific shampoos to tint highlights come in various colors. Each color of dye has a corresponding toner. If your dye is blonde, the blue or purple toning shampoo is the right one.

For the plating there is the purple tint, especially for this type of highlights. And to hair dyed red if a tint of the same color corresponds, in order to achieve a more intense tone.

Make sure the products contain moisturizing properties and that you apply them sparingly. Using them excessively can cause the desired color to change. Therefore, using a small portion for each time you wash your hair is ideal.

Home remedies to care for and tone highlights

Although as always, there are home remedies to offer cheaper and more accessible solutions. Of course, the most recommended and commercial option continues to be toning shampoos.

However, these home remedies have proven effectiveness and can even be gentler and gentler on your hair than commercial toners.

A popular method is the blackberry mask. To get it, you must make a paste with blackberries by blending them with an egg and 100 ml of non-alcoholic beer. Then, apply this small paste to your hair as one more toner and after 15 minutes, remove it by washing your hair. This mask also helps damaged and brittle hair.

However, the best-known natural home method is undoubtedly chamomile for blonde hair. To prevent your highlights from becoming brittle, you should apply this mask composed of chamomile and rosemary (half a cup of each) together with a paste made with blackberries and about 3 teaspoons of honey. This time, you will let it sit for 20 minutes and it will help take good care of your blonde discoloration.

Follow the advice in home or commercial remedies well and your new hair color is sure to last much longer.

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