How to comb or part the side as a woman What are the best hairstyles with the side part?

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Hair offers many opportunities to create thousands of different styles. You just need to get your imagination, all the necessary tools and a lot of patience. Not all hair is handled the same, some are easier to braid than others, but with enough time and good ideas you can create unique hairstyles.

How to Quickly Create a Side Parting Hairstyle

There are many ways that you can style your hair on the side without any problem. The hairstyles collected on the side are the most famous since when collecting the hair, the side line is much more exposed and is better visualized. You can add hairstyles with headbands, and thus combine the best of both styles.

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Half-sided double pigtails

If what you want is a traditional hairstyle, chic and easy to do, the pigtails will be ideal for you. All you have to do is separate all your hair a little after the middle, make sure that one side of the hair is more to one side than the other.

Pick up the ponytails either up to cascade, or down to rest on the shoulders. Add accessories if you wish, you can wave the ends, or customize it as you wish.

Half-sided braid with loose hair

If you have little time to get ready, but you need a hairstyle with a side braid you can easily do it. Separate your hair into two sections, one larger than the other. In the smallest section, begin to weave a single braid from the beginning of the line that separates both parts of the hair. Do not use all the hair, braid it towards the middle of the head and cover it with a barrette or a ponytail.

Full half side braid

For a half side braid. In this case, after dividing the hair into two sections (One larger than the other) you will have to weave the braid from the beginning of the forehead, towards the end of the hair behind the neck. There, wrap it right at the edge of the skull with a small tail and cover it with the rest of the hair so that it is not noticeable. You will have your hair parted in the middle, with one side braided and one loose.

How to Make Quick and Pretty Side Up or Braided Hairstyles

With the hair collected, many children are prevented from acquiring lice, and it is also the best way to show off an original and unique hairstyle. There are many ways to braid your hair on the side, here you have several ideas.

Half-side braided bow

To facilitate the process, it is recommended that you purchase a bow made from wig hair in hairdressing stores. At the time of weaving it, you just have to join it with the rest of the hair. Part your hair into two differently sized sections, and start weaving into one of the two.

When you are weaving at the height of the ear, add the bow and join both strands to make it look natural. Finish the braid below the ear and seal. It will be a nice hairstyle with a half side braid.

Small half-sided braids

This is a hairstyle that requires much more time as it is very elaborate. It involves weaving numerous braids close to the scalp, so that it completely covers the middle of the front of the head. These can be braided in a variety of designs, and with proper care they can last a long time without damage.

Best hairstyles with side parting

There are many sides parted hairstyles that will be very flattering for you. They do not need braids, and they require a minimum of time to do them.

  • Semi-gathered with side parting

In this case, the hair is completely loose on one side of the hair. And on the other side with less hair, it is collected with the help of hairspray up behind the ears. It looks very elegant and fine.

  • Ponytail with side parting

When splitting the hair into two uneven parts, a little hairspray is applied so that when combing the strands can be properly smoothed out. The hair is gathered at the back with a low ponytail, to create a very simple and casual hairstyle.

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