How to cut my hair in long or medium layers at home? Best tiered haircuts

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Innovating in our hair is something we always want to do, especially when we have had a regular haircut for a long time. In addition, cutting the hair helps to improve it, removing damaged layers of hair and giving way for healthy strands to grow. On this occasion, we will focus on layered or tiered hair.

Ideas to cut hair in layers in a quick and easy way

The layered haircut is becoming more and more popular among girls and mature women, and why not? If it is a very original cut, it can be adapted to any style and personality. If you customize it to your best, you can get a unique tiered style. Learn how to cut your hair at home!

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Quick stepped cut with a ponytail

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to cut your hair in layers. It is an uneven cut style, which is helped by the layers to make it look much more natural and precise. You will need to:

    • A fine comb.
    • Hair cutting scissors.
    • Elastic ponytail.

Collect the hair in a high ponytail. Comb it very well so that everything is perfectly collected. The closer the tail is to the nape, the longer the layers will be. If you want shorter layers, make the tail as high as possible.

Then, once the tail is tight, bring the hair forward. That you can see it in front of your face to know how to cut, otherwise place yourself in front of a mirror.

With the scissors, make a straight cut in the length you prefer. You can cut just a few inches, or go a little deeper into the hair. To finish, make several smooth perpendicular cuts so that the ends do not want too straight and you are good to go.

Tricks to wear a stepped haircut with a lot of volume

In addition to the cuts, or various unique hairstyles for the hair, there are tricks and tips that will make your tiered hair look more voluminous than ever. If you have already cut your hair, give it a final and original touch with these tips:

  • Add volume with the blow dryer

This is an old trick that many of us use after showering. You just have to turn the hair completely down, and begin to dry it carelessly with the dryer. This will allow the strands to dry apart. When you’re done, lift your head quickly and let your hair cascade freely.

  • Do not do polished updos

For step cuts, the volume is what makes them look amazing. Therefore, the collected hair styles will not flatter you. The locks will be out of control and you will have to say goodbye to natural waves.

  • Make waves in your hair

The more waves your hair has, the better it will look. Help yourself with chemical products with many vitamins, which will make the waves on their own and with the help of an iron or hair curler.

  • Rollers and more rollers

An uneven cut like the stepped cut will need a lot of volume. In addition, curlers are the best way to hide those strands that are longer than others and make all the hair come together on its own.

How to cut long or medium layered hair

If you’ve already decided to experiment with these unique layered cuts, you can choose to achieve a much more professional finish by doing a manual layered cut as follows, you will need:

  • A fine comb.
  • Hair cutting scissors.
  • Tweezers to collect hair.

Wash the hair, and while it is still wet, separate it into two equal sections, respecting the middle line that you already used to wear. Once ready, follow these steps:

  1. Gather all the hair at the crown. Leave only the bottom layer loose. 
  2. Begin to cut the ends of this layer, and digraph them a little with the scissors to avoid the straight polished.
  3. Release the second layer and repeat the process, only this time you will have to cut the ends a little more.
  4. Repeat the process until all the hair is finished.

If you want the layers to look soft and not too pronounced, you should take a small amount of hair. The thicker the strands, the more pronounced the layers. 

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