How to cut your bangs: Ideas and tricks

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Wearing bangs never goes out of style, and there are so many ways to shape, cut and comb it that few women resist wearing it on any occasion. And it is that in addition to providing a very youthful air, it is very easy to carry and comb following some practical tips and recommendations.

Below we show you step by step how you can cut your bangs without leaving home, as well as the tricks to know what type of bangs is most flattering in each case so you can wear it in style. The result will surprise you!

1 What kind of bangs does it favor me?

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The first thing we must take into account before cutting the bangs is to know which type of bangs favors more depending on the shape of the face. To do this you just have to follow the following recommendations.

Oval or elongated faces

If your face has an oval or elongated shape, bet on wearing a straight cut bangs, especially if you have a wide forehead, since this type of bangs hides it perfectly. Another type of bangs that also feels good for this type of face is the rounded bangs, even on the sides and paraded.

Round faces

If your case is that of a face with round lines, you should avoid rounded bangs as they will further accentuate the circular shape. In this case it is better that you opt for a type of open bangs, which is distinguished by being separated in the central part.

Triangular faces

If, on the other hand, your case is that of a triangular face, the ideal type of bangs is the one that is located on the side of the face. This bangs are paraded so that it ends in peak, and one of its advantages is that you will not need to touch it up as much as for example the straight bangs since it grows and continues to retain its shape.

2 How to cut bangs step by step?

To make sure that the bangs cut is correct, it is important to follow a series of previous steps that will help us make the cut accurate. They are as follows:

  • Comb the hair with a fine bristle brush and undo all the knots you find.
  • Separate the hair, for this hold the back with a hairpin or clamp and comb forward the hair that falls from the crown.
  • Moisten your hair with a water vaporizer so you can control it better.
  • Choose sharp scissors that are specially designed to cut the hair, it is important that they have a vertical inclination.

Haircut to the side

  • To cut the bangs to the side, you must first remove the hair you need to cut by combing it forward and collecting the excess hair with a rubber.
  • Then take the piece of hair that will be part of the bangs and hold it with your hand to the opposite side to the one you want to cut. In this way you must hold it to the left if you want your bangs to be to the right and vice versa.
  • Calculate the appropriate length. To do this, it measures so that the beginning of the bangs is at the height of the tip of the nose, and that the final part is at the height of the cheek.
  • Place the scissors perpendicular to the hair and work in small sections holding each of them with your fingers so that they are flat and with the direction of the tip of the scissors forming an angle inclined downwards.
  • Go cutting sections and testing until you reach the expected result.

Vertical/round bangs cut

  • The first step we must follow to cut the straight bangs is to comb the hair forward and straighten it very well with the iron.
  • Then we separate the amount of hair that will be part of the bangs separating a diagonal line until we reach the height of the arch of the eyebrow on both sides.
  • Remove the rest of the hair and tie it with a hair rubber.
  • Then we delineate well the height in which we will make the haircut; keep in mind that you must do it with a tendency to be low to avoid being too short.
  • Go repeating the same process until you get the right length.
  • Shape it with the dryer by tucking the tips slightly inwards to get a round bangs.

3 Recommendations for caring for and treating bangs

How to cut your bangs Ideas and tricks
  • The best way to comb the bangs easily is to give it heat with the dryer when it is still dry, since in this way we can give it the shape we want. To do this, use a round brush.
  • Use the iron to touch up before leaving, giving it small passes and taking strands with little hair.
  • Do not use products to treat hair over bangs excessively, as this could give it a dull and even dirty appearance.
  • Cover your hair with a towel every time you use products to clean your face, as the use of creams or masks in contact with the bangs could dirty it relatively often.

The bangs admit a multitude of hairstyles and looks good whether you wear straight hair, whether you wear it curly or collected, for a casual look or to look splendid at any event. Practice, create and let your bangs be the main protagonist of all your hairstyles.

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