How to cut your hair short at home yourself – Climbing short or layered hair

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Just as there are reasons to cut your hair, there is emotional meaning in cutting your hair. Usually, we women, we associate haircuts with the beginning of a new stage in our lives. Whether it’s a few highlights, or a new cut, the change is noticeable and the people around us notice it especially. It is true that there have been some moments when we have wondered how to cut our hair alone, either to save a little money or out of curiosity.

How to cut your hair straight yourself is not as complicated as it seems, however you must be very careful with the scissors, where you cut and the state of the hair.

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You should preferably have dry hair, although it is true that in the salon, they cut it wet, it is risky to cut it like that on our own, we could cut more and when we dry it, we will notice many details.

A piece of advice, dare, get the cut, take advantage of the full moon and start that new phase of your life that you have been waiting for so long.

How to cut your hair alone at home? Reasons for getting a haircut

If you’re looking to cut your hair straight on your own, you can start like this: Sprinkle some water on your hair.

Then, with your hair forward, take strands from the back of your head and bring them diagonally along with your hair towards the nearest armpit.

Use your fingers as a reference and cut the hair. In this way, it can be slightly knurled in the front but perfectly straight behind.

When I was interested in how to cut short hair in layers myself, I knew it was essential to use multiple mirrors, one in front and one behind. Thus, you are lifting your back hair forward and you are making the cut as you like.

Regarding how to cut an older woman’s hair short, the matter is easier. Just use sharp scissors and trim the same amount of hair along the hairline.

For a short haircut for women step by step, you can follow the previous ones but with the purpose that we will show you now.

Short haircuts for young women

If you have ever used, or know of the Bob cut, you can also opt for the most current ‘Bob carré’. With slightly different bangs from the original Bob, this hairstyle also features paraded ends, which adds to the movement.

On the other hand, you can go for an asymmetrical Lob. On one side you have hair up to the neck approximately while on the other it is up to the chin.

A super personalized cut is the Pixie and the Garçon, the latter differing from the first by covering the ears a bit and completely clearing the nape. Here you are free to play with the highlights and colors on the ends.

If you want to repeat fashions and even normalize the old cuts, you can opt for a Mullet, with long hair in the back and with much shorter bangs.

If you consider yourself daring and want to go a step further, you can opt for the ‘Genderless’. Unisex cut that resembles the common cut for men.

How to cut your hair according to the phases of the moon

If you are thinking of cutting your hair on a new moon, we advise you not to do it. This moment is very energetic so in this case you should consent to your hair instead of cutting it.

Since time immemorial, it has been believed that cutting your hair on a full moon is the ideal. Taking astrology into account, it is said that in this lunar cycle there is greater effervescence.

This is the moment to give that change that we were waiting for so long in our look, moment to cut our hair. Cutting your hair on a full moon also allows for better growth and greater health.

On the other hand, if you are looking to cut only the ends, the ideal time is in the growing quarters. Go to the salon in the afternoons and ask to have only the ends trimmed.

In this way, in a few weeks, you will notice the difference between your dry hair with split ends to a more shiny, natural and voluminous one.

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