How to do manicure with stickers

How to do manicure with stickers

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The world of manicure has been evolving and in recent years it has become a revolution that sets trends. Monochrome manicures, discreet designs, semi-permanent, acrylics, elaborate and colorful designs, there are no limits. Well, if you want to get a good manicure you just need a good hand and have the best materials, everything else will be adding imagination, creativity and originality.

How to do manicure with stickers

Small stickers

If what you are looking for is a discreet manicure with the odd detail, you can choose small stickers that you can apply to different areas of the nail. With these touches you can achieve a unique, original and fun manicure, as well as discreet. The perfect option for those who do not want too flashy nails, but want to get away from the usual monochrome manicure.

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This type of manicure with small stickers can be combined with a simple nail polish in any color. Another good option is that the enamel is transparent, a fact that will make the stickers on the nails stand out even more. Among the most popular small stickers you can find flowers, stars, fruits, stripes, arrows, hearts, among others. Any little sticker will make your nails look more special than ever!

Stickers with designs

There are ideal stickers to place on nails already painted in a homogeneous color, these are the stickers with designs, perfect to give your nails a different and daring touch. Stickers with floral designs, grid type, net or honeycomb type designs, striped, with geometric figures, moles, animal print, among many more. The possibilities are endless!

Patterned stickers, similar to wallpaper, can be placed on the nail bed or white part of the nail, as well as on the base. The idea is to combine the sticker with a simple or transparent color so that the design of the sticker stands out.

French manicure with stickers

If you are a fan of simple, elegant and sophisticated manicures, you must discover the decoration of the French manicure. First of all, you should know that there are stickers for this type of manicure that will allow you to do it quickly and much more easily, since they act as a guide and will leave your French manicure perfect, totally straight and without cracking.

The French manicure, originating from Paris (hence the origin of its name), is characterized by natural pink at the base of the nail and white tips. Simplicity and sophistication that became fashionable between the 60s and 70s, but is still very popular today. Thanks to the appearance of stickers, you can now decorate this elegant design, give it a spin and renew the style.

You can add a shiny sticker to your French manicure to give it a more festive touch, a small sticker as a detail like a heart to make it more romantic, or you can also decorate one of your nails with a polka dot design sticker to be the most original. You just have to think about how you want to revolutionize your own French manicure with stickers to give it a unique and personal touch. The options are endless!

Theme stickers

As you well know, the possibilities of making your nails very special and your manicure unique and original are endless, but we want to give you some more specific options so that you know what to choose at all times. We are talking about the thematic stickers that you can use at specific times or for specific events. We provide you with some themed sticker options:

Stickers for summer

Anchors, sailor stripes, fish, starfish, ice creams, watermelons, pineapples, flamingos… With the summer stickers you can create cheerful and fun manicures for this season of the year. You just have to think of things that remind you of summer and add this icon in the form of a sticker on one of your nails.

Christmas stickers

Christmas stickers are ideal for having a fun manicure during the Christmas parties. Thanks to stickers of Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Claus, stars, gifts or glasses of champagne, you will achieve a warm, cozy and very festive style. Pair these stickers with red, gold, green, white, or black manicures for New Year’s Eve. Total look!

Feather stickers

Feather designs have become one of the latest trends in the field of manicure. They are sophisticated and give a very special touch to your nails. You can find them in different colors or monochrome. An option that adapts perfectly to simple manicures and that will give it a very special touch.

Children’s stickers

Another must in terms of decorative stickers are children’s stickers. In this category you will find countless motifs and icons that will make your manicure very fun. Emoticons, animals, rainbows Any image you can imagine can be on your nails!

Fancy stickers

And if you want to do a manicure and give it an elegant and sophisticated touch, you should go for gold, silver or shiny stickers. These are the most glamorous stickers that will give a chic touch to your manicure. Try them!

How to put stickers on nails

Now that you have seen the wide variety of stickers that exist for nails, we want to explain how to easily do a manicure and add these stickers to give it an original touch. But first, and for the results to be worthy of a professional, keep in mind the following tips for putting stickers on your nails:

  • Pay attention to the shape and length of your nails to choose the design that best suits you. If you have short nails, it is better not to bet on very elaborate designs, since part of the drawing would be lost when cutting it. In that case, it is better to opt for small details.
  • The shape of your nail will dictate how you cut the sticker, especially in those cases where the sticker needs to cover the entire nail.

The moment has come! Discover how to do a manicure at home using nail stickers with the following step by step:

  • The first step to perform any manicure is to clean the nail in order to remove and eliminate any type of dirt or grease. It is also important in this first step to remove the cuticles and leave the nail clean and smooth.
  • Next, apply a base coat or nail primer. With this product you will not only protect the nail, but you will also improve the fixation of the sticker. Once you’ve applied the foundation, let it dry completely before continuing.
  • If you want to paint your nails this is the time. It’s time to put the enamel of the color that you like the most and that goes according to the sticker. In case you use adhesive enamels, go directly to the next step.
  • It’s time to apply the sticker. You must have previously measured and cut out the sticker, as well as having chosen where you are going to place it. With everything decided, stick the sticker on the nail making sure that there are no bubbles left.
  • Finally, apply top coat to finish your manicure. This product will not only help you fix the sticker, but it will also act as a varnish to give your nails all the shine and color and not leave them exposed to external agents that can deteriorate them.

Quick, easy and with a perfect result. If you want to give your next manicure a twist, bet on nail stickers. They are the most!

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