How to do the French Manicure

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3 Decorated French nails

French nails are a type of manicure in which the nails look natural but very elegant and neat, due to the characteristic white color of the tip of the nail, which can be thinner or wider according to personal taste. Many women wonder how to get a manicure at home, and the truth is that it is much simpler than you think.

Doing the French manicure at home is quite simple. While you must follow several steps to make it go well and have some time, you can get the same results as going to any beauty center. what are the French nails

1 What do I need to make French nails?

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  • White enamel
  • Natural enamel, pale pink or “milky way”
  • Transparent enamel with Brightness
  • Nail file
  • Adhesive tape or in the form of croissants, special for French nails
  • Swabs and nail polish remover

2 Instructions for doing the French manicure step by step

  • Primero procura tener las uñas limpias y sin restos de esmalte.
  • Utiliza la lima para darle forma a tus uñas de acuerdo a tu gusto, hay muchos modelos de uñas french, ya sea con la punta cuadrada o redonda, y regulando el largo, dependiendo si quieres uñas french cortas o largas.
  • Con el esmalte blanco dibuja una línea blanca en toda la punta de las uñas, si no tienes buen pulso puedes usar una cinta adhesiva o las medialunas que se venden especiales para manicura francesa, que se pegan sobre la uña para que pintes solo esa parte. Una vez seco los puedes quitar. Si se te mancha otra parte de la uña, espera que seque y lo quitas con un hisopo y quitaesmalte.
  • When it is well dry you can give another hand of white if you want or paint on top with the enamel in natural color or very light pink, you can also give two hands for a better finish.
  • Once it is well dried, pass a hand of shiny transparent enamel to protect them so that they are brighter and neater.

That’s it: your homemade French-style nails will be ready. Keep in mind the drying times that are very important for this technique to go well. You can consult the techniques so that the nail polish dries faster and in that way save time. Also try to use nail files that are not metallic since sometimes they damage the layers of the nail.

This same process can be done on the toenails, and with different nail lengths, depending on your taste. You can also do it on French acrylic nails with original white, or choose any color. Although simple French nail designs are the most used, French gel nails decorated for different occasions also look great.

3 Decorated French nails

The French nail decoration is another option to wear your French nails with a different touch but maintaining the elegance that characterizes this type of manicure. Below we will show you some photos of French nails made at home but with different decorative touches.

Colored French nails

The process to achieve the colored French nails is the same as we follow to make normal French nails, you just have to replace the white enamel of the crescent, with an enamel of the color you want. You can also make the white crescent thicker and paint above with another color, leaving a white trim as seen in the photo. You can do it with Acrylic French nails, gel nails, or on the natural nail.

French nails with designs

Another option to make your French manicure even more sophisticated, is that when finished and after it is well dry, you add a design that can be from a flower, to lines or any other drawing you want, trying not to be too big and that it is only a detail, so that the original design of the French one stands out. French nails with flowers are perfect on short French acrylic nails.

French nails with rhinestones

This is an alternative only for those women who do not do too much with their hands, as household chores could ruin this distinguished design. It is about placing some small shiny stones on the nails, sticking them with a special glue, which will give a lot of glamour and is ideal for a party or night out. Look at the following images of decorated French nails:

French nails decorated with strap

Choose the color you want, do the procedure to get the French nail models you want, and then apply a pair of straps to finish, as seen in the photo. You can do it in the sense that you like the most and with ribbons of the thickness you prefer.

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