How To Easily Wave or Curl Hair with A Hair Straightener – Techniques and Tricks

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The hair is for us to wear the best styles that we can find. We don’t need to keep the same look forever, so if you have straight hair and want to experiment with waves or curls, your time has come! Do not miss the opportunity to revolutionize with a new look for this year. Learn how to curl your hair with a normal iron right here.

How to make curls with the iron at home

To learn how to curl your hair, a little skill is enough, you can even cut your hair in layers or iron it at home. You don’t have to have the best hair curler to enjoy cover curls.

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1. Divide your hair into four sections

This step is essential, as otherwise you will not be able to manipulate it properly. Hold the strands of hair tightly with clips or clips. And heat the iron to the ideal temperature.

2. Apply thermal protector

Never forget to apply the thermal protector to the hair before doing the curls. This way you will be able to curl the hair and make it last in addition to protecting it. Begin to take strand by strand from the sections. Remember that if you want smaller curls, you should take less amount of hair.

3. Start creating the curls

For more defined curls, it is recommended that you use long toothpicks or a pencil. Roll up the strand of hair and you just have to pass the iron from top to bottom, making sure that the heat penetrates through the entire strand. And then, release the pencil little by little and you will have the curl ready.

Otherwise, you can create the curl a little more open directly with the iron. Take the strand from above and bend the iron little by little as you go down.

4. Hold the curls

To avoid damaging the curls as you do the others, hold them still coiled with a long hairpin. Continue curling all the remaining hair, and once you are done if you have a setting spray to apply much better. It is recommended to allow the hair to cool completely before releasing the curls.

How to curl hair with or without foam easily

Hair when it is highly moldable does not need heat or anything like that to create curls or waves. Even if you want, you can do without the use of curling foams to achieve the effect you want.

Braids and curls

This method helps prevent frizz because you don’t need to have it loose to work. Braid your hair while it is wet, the way you like it. The next morning, remove the braids and style your hair as you prefer.

Now, to know how to curl your hair with an iron and braids, it will be enough for you to braid your hair and pass the hot iron on the woven braids, then release your hair and comb it gently.

Aluminum strips

You don’t need heat, or any harmful chemicals. Just divide your hair into sections of the size you want, moisten the hair with water and apply any styling cream.

With the help of thick strips of aluminum, roll the strands in them and seal it so that they do not move. Do this in all your hair and the next morning you will have very defined curls.

How to make waves in short hair with an iron

Waves and curls go well with all hair types, even the shortest locks. So, you should not say goodbye to your urge to curl just because you have short hair, you just have to learn how to curl short hair with a flat iron.

  1. Divide your hair into 4 equal-sized sections.
  2. Waves have almost the same procedure as curls. So, start by applying a thermal protector. 
  3. You can make them from the height you prefer. From the roots or only at the tips. 
  4. What you should keep in mind is that when you put the strand inside the iron when rolling the iron, you should not make it too pronounced. Just one turn and go down so that the wave is created, but it is not too pronounced.
  5. In this case you should not hold them with anything, because the more natural it is, the better.

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