How to leave gray hair

How to leave gray hair

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Fortunately, many stereotypes related to the canons of ‘ideal beauty’ are disappearing. Gray hair is no longer synonymous with careless hair or aging. Leaving gray hair is an increasingly fashionable option, since, with proper care and an appropriate cut, they can be very flattering. But how to make the transition to gray hair?

How to leave gray hair

Whether the first ones have come out, or if you are tired of dyeing them and want to show off gray hair, in this article we give you the best advice on how to leave gray hair. Get the most out of them so that they are part of your image, highlight your personality and don’t give you extra years. Keep reading this article.

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How to go from dyed hair to gray hair

Wanting to learn how to leave gray hair is something that happens more and more frequently. Many women, after years of dyeing and worrying about the roots of their hair, decide to stop and wonder how to transition to gray. It is not a complex process but it does take some time, so you must be patient. With the methods and advice that we give you below, it will be easier for you:

  • Cut and natural growth: to leave gray hair little by little you will have to wait for your hair to grow while the gray hair gains prominence. Ideally, you should start the transition by cutting off a few inches of your hair to get rid of some of the dyed hair. Keep in mind that the hair fiber grows between one and two centimeters a month, so you will have to repeat the cut after this time.
  • Bleaching: it is an effective method to go gray without cutting your hair. However, it is the most aggressive and is only suitable for strong, healthy and dense hair. If you choose this method, put yourself in the hands of professionals. There are specific treatments, after bleaching, to protect the hair fiber, deeply hydrating gray hair
  • Color baths: a color bath (without ammonia) applied only to the gray strands can help the contrast between the dye and the roots not to be so sharp, so that you can gradually even out the hair without being too noticeable.
  • Lighter dye: it is about continuing to dye yourself for a few more months, but choosing, with each new color, a lighter shade. Go from black to brown, light brown, honey, ash blonde… until you reach a silver gray that will be very similar to natural gray hair.
  • ‘Salt and pepper’ technique: this is a new coloring technique that is a pure trend and that triumphs among celebrities. It consists of interspersing some gray highlights in gray hair to give it greater volume and fill it with depth. It can also be done the other way around, that is, apply white highlights to dark-colored hair. The idea is that the natural or ‘painted’ gray hairs intermingle for a while, until the natural ones win the battle.

As gray hair grows, you can also try to make it less visible by learning How to Hide Gray Hair. If you prefer, in this other article on Why gray hair appears, you will learn more about this natural process that occurs in our hair.

Haircuts to leave gray hair

To leave gray hair and play in your favor, try one of these cuts. They combine elegance with a touch of fun, making them flattering at any age.

Shaggy with bangs

If you have strong, voluminous hair, try making your gray hair a shaggy cut, that is, layered with soft waves and with a slight disheveled effect. Add a curtain fringe, which clears the face just enough, and you will mark your own style.


Whether in its shortest version (at the height of the ears) or in the longest version (at the end of the neck), the bob and gray hair go together perfectly because the freshness of this cut makes gray hair look younger. immediately, especially if you choose to style it with a side parting to gain volume and movement.


If you like to wear your hair very short, you can wear a nice pixie cut with gray hair. The secret to making it flattering is to keep the sides well clear and to add extra volume to the top. The pixie is perfect for gray and salt-and-pepper hair.

Smooth and shaggy hair

If, on the other hand, you prefer to wear an elegant straight hair, bet on cutting it with very marked paraded ends. Thus, when falling, they create an irregular line that ‘lightens’ the whole. If you want, also try parading the side strands that frame the face to renew your hair with this youthful touch.

On the shoulder and with waves

Curls and gray hair are not incompatible. On the contrary, the marked or undone waves add a cheerful and somewhat rebellious touch to the white and gray tones of the hair. A simple cut, with the classic medium length as the protagonist but with the transgressive touch of the curls, is a sure hit.

How to highlight gray hair naturally

Gray hair can be just as beautiful (or more so) than dyed hair. However, for gray hair to look silky, smooth and not yellowish at all, they require some basic care. There are specific products to keep them in optimal condition, but there are also natural remedies and some effective tricks when it comes to highlighting their beauty. Here are some of them:

  • Protect them from the sun: protect them from the harmful action of external agents that contribute to damaging the hair fiber. A hat that protects them from the sun on a day at the beach or a bathing cap that prevents the action of chlorine on them are two actions to take into account.
  • Argan oil: gray hair, due to its greater thickness and less flexibility, requires extra hydration. If you want your gray hair to look beautiful, once a month apply an argan oil-based mask (half argan oil, half almond or olive oil) and you will give them extra shine and hydration.
  • Clays: they are an excellent alternative to keep gray hair in perfect condition. Use white clay as a base for a mask, which you can make by mixing it with water. This is an excellent remedy to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, achieving bright gray hair free of yellow tones.
  • Henna: Although it is a natural vegetable dye, henna does not cover gray hair, but resorting to it is a good option, as it will help strengthen the hair fiber and provide beautiful highlights to gray or white hair.
  • Honey-based masks: add 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey to natural yogurt and apply to hair after washing. Leave on for a few minutes and remove with plenty of water. The nutrients in honey and its particular texture will help protect the cuticle of your gray hairs and help them look strong and healthy.

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