how to look younger

How to look younger

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Although each face has an undeniable natural beauty, as the years go by certain imperfections appear and aging begins to show. The skin and the body change and some wrinkles, gray hair, sagging appear. Luckily, there are always tricks that will allow us to get the most out of it and look younger, in addition to having an attitude that makes us feel younger. Thus, the makeup, the hair tone or the way of dressing will be crucial to take a year off us.

how to look younger

How to look younger: tips and tricks

If you have days when you feel that you have waged a lot or that your appearance seems to be that of someone older than the age you really are and you want to remedy it, take note of these lines because we are going to give you a series of tricks for you to put on makeup with the tones that most favor you, opt for the most rejuvenating hair colors and dresses with the clothes that most contribute to your figure.

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Some tips to look younger are:

  • Opt for light and dark hair colors with highlights, redheads combined with brown, or brown with blonde.
  • Make up with products made up of primer, light base and soft tones.
  • Wear clothes of your size and that enhance your curves, wear jeans, knee-length dresses, etc.

You want to know more? So, pay attention to the following sections where we delve into the tips and tricks to look younger focusing on makeup, hair and clothes to get a great look.

How to apply makeup to look younger – infallible Turks

Makeup can achieve true wonders, with it we can hide a tired face, imperfections or look younger. There are several makeup tricks to look younger:

Use a moisturizing primer

This step is very important because it serves to prepare the face for the base and to soften expression lines, unwanted textures and wrinkles, thus significantly rejuvenating the skin. Apply evenly all over face and neck. In this other post you can learn more about How to apply makeup primer.

Very light foundation for mature skin

We recommend combining a liquid foundation with a moistened sponge (dip it in water and wring it out, making sure there is no liquid left). Makeup sponges are the perfect choice for this skin type because they absorb foundation and prevent dryness.

Apply concealers

There are different types and you should choose the one you need. For example, if you have any pimples, use a green corrector, if you have yellowish skin, choose a purple corrector, to cover slightly marked dark circles, choose an orange one, and for dark circles, choose a yellow or pink one. In these other articles you can find out more about what purple concealer is for and how to use it and how to use orange concealer for dark circles.

Rejuvenate the look by taking care of the eyebrows

Over the years, the eyebrows lose hair and become thinner, for this reason, we can make them up with an eyebrow pencil as close to our tone and always giving light touches, not marking them much and making them as natural as possible. For example, if your hair is dark, use a slightly lighter pencil.

Use eye shadow well

apply a shadow primer to smooth the wrinkles of the eyelids, this step will also make your shadows last longer. Apply darker colors to the outer third of your eyelid and lighter shadows to the inner portions. Important! Don’t use dark colors on the line around your lower lashes so your eyes don’t look droopy.

Eyeliner and mascara

With an eye pencil or eyeliner, follow the natural line of the upper part of the eyelash and outline it. For fair skin, perhaps a shade of brown is better than black because it will look more natural. Next, curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara. Thus, you will enhance the eyes and you will look younger.

Contour your face

Over the years, the volume of the cheeks is reduced and flaccidity appears, which gives the face a more aged and tired appearance. This is why it is very important to apply a little powder contour under the cheekbones from the top of the ears to the mouth, always moving away from the outer edge of the eye. To apply the blush, just smile and put it on the central part of the cheek with small circular touches of the brush up to the ears. Here we explain everything about How to contour the face.

Make up your lips to look younger

Lips get thinner as the years go by, so it’s important to outline them above your natural lip line and fill them in with neutrals, beiges, or pinks for fair skin, darks, browns, pinks, peaches, or mauve for light skin. medium tone faces and red, brown or violet colors for dark skin. Matte shades are not recommended for mature skin because they highlight wrinkles and, furthermore, it is therefore better to use lip gloss.

Hair colors to look younger

The color, shape and care of the hair will be essential to have shiny, voluminous hair that makes us look younger. Regarding haircuts to look younger, opt for:

  • Medium hair, shoulder length.
  • The bob cut.
  • Long wavy hair.

Also, in this other article you can learn Hairstyles to look younger. All these ways of cutting and hairstyles rejuvenate a lot, but in addition to cutting and care, the most important thing is the color that we wear. What hair colors rejuvenate the most?

  • If you have light or medium skin tone, go for light hair colors. Brown, golden blonde or beige blonde. Another more daring option is a reddish color with a golden reflection. However, very blonde colors can age light skin more, be careful with this detail.
  • If you have a darker or tanned skin tone, browns and hazelnuts, giving them highlights in beige and blonde tones, can suit you very well, or a redhead with a brown reflection. Avoid muted tones because they will not bring light and will harden your features. If you want to bet on black hair, do not leave it in a flat tone because it ages the face, give it lighter.

You will have to resort to various techniques to bring light to our hair, such as Californian highlights, balayage or gradients. Here are some more tips:

  • Brown with a golden blonde reflection will always be the perfect option. Or, you can go for a brown base with California blonde highlights or balayage.
  • For a medium length of hair, baby light highlights will be perfect. It is a tone that mimics the natural reflection of the hair, especially the one that occurs in summer times. A clear base with a white wick will give you a very youthful touch and add shine to your features.
  • The gradient technique (dark base and lightening to the ends) will help illuminate the hair, rejuvenating and hiding gray hair. If you do not want to opt for blondes, this option will be yours.

Also keep in mind that the colors that age the most are those that look artificial, such as thick dark or white highlights, a poor mix of colors that dulls your hair and face, or badly treated blondes that tend to turn yellowish, without luminosity.

How to dress to look younger – tips

To finish with these tips on how to look younger, we focus on the look or the types of clothing that are best to wear. Take note on how to dress to look younger:

  • Always choose your appropriate size. Do not use larger sizes because they will not enhance your figure and you will not find yourself favored. The same if you choose less size than you spend, the garment will not fit you well and you will not be happy with the result.
  • Opt for daring, young and stylish looks. For example, wear plain jeans, both dark and light. To the look you can add a nice belt, for example, a brown one with a gold buckle, and a shirt inside. Complement with a blazer and a neckerchief in a color that contrasts with the shirt and jacket. The shirt can also be worn outside. Some shoes (you don’t need a high heel) will be the finishing touch of the
  • The prints that rejuvenate the most are the discreet ones. But, if you want to use very colorful and large prints, combine them with another solid garment, in a single color. For example, wear a heavily patterned skirt with a white blouse. The accessories that favor the most are generally the small ones to perfectly complement this type of outfit, but they will depend a lot on the final look you are looking for.
  • Opt for textures and contrasts. Do not be afraid to bet on garments printed with animal print, with textures of silk, leather, etc. If you use, for example, a bright colored scarf or a blouse of that style, dress sober to counteract. For example, opt for a statement blouse with black pants or skirt, or wear a loud scarf with a dark dress.

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