How to make a curly, wavy or wave perm at home without going to the salon

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Do you want to have permanent curly hair? Since fashion and hair styles have revolutionized in recent years, it is not uncommon to see new trends. Learn how to do it at home!

What is a hair perm or permanent styling?

The perm is a technique that stylists use to curl hair. Or to define much more the waves of a damaged and disembodied hair.

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These perms are used especially by women and men with mixed hair. That present undulations in different areas of the hair, some being stronger than others.

And in essence, the modality of this technique is to apply a substance or product that opens the hair cuticles, and penetrates them in order to modify the shape of the strands creating permanent surf waves. A process similar to permanent keratin straightening, a keratin molding.

Once the permanent hair liquid penetrates it, the curl is shaped with curlers of different sizes. In this way, each person gets curls adapted to their tastes, with a totally personalized strength and structure.

This is a technique that can be adapted to all people’s tastes. Since a perm does not mean totally defined curls or an afro, but you can pronounce them as much as you want.

The product remains on the hair, as long as you want to define or harden the curlers. Otherwise, it is only left on for a short period of time and rinsed off. For soft and loose permanent waves.

Types of perms on hair

The perm is a totally customizable technique. So, you can find different types of which you can choose. And thus protect your hair from damage.

  • Permanent professional

The most common form of perms, where different chemicals and heat are used to achieve a much more defined curl. You can easily get it done by going to your favorite hairdressing center. Which has two sub-types:

  • Indirect permanent

In this method, curlers are formed throughout the hair with the help of different materials. After they are all ready, the liquid is applied. With this shape, looser and more wave curls are obtained.

  • Direct standing

It is a process where the liquid for the perm and the utensils are applied to create the curlers simultaneously. Curls more predisposed to remain rolled and very well defined are achieved. 

  • Partial permanent

As its name implies, it is not intended to completely wave the hair but only a part of it. You almost always want to wave or curl only the ends.

  • Permanent spiral

Special for longer hair, where the utensils to create the curlers will be placed vertically. You will get ringlets and very elegant hair.

  • Permanent wavy

In this method, you do not want to curl your hair. But give the straight hair much more volume and vitality. In other words, adding waves to a completely straight mane.

How to make a perm at home and what are the materials to permanently wave hair?

If you want to experiment with your hair, you can choose to do a perm at home. It will not require overexertion, and you will get results!

  • Buy all the materials you need. Highlighting mainly the liquid for the perm. You can find it in hairdressing stores.
  • Wash your hair very well and if possible, do a hair detox to prepare it.
  • Divide your hair into different sections for easier handling.
  • The next step will be to apply the liquid section by section and roll the hair strands in the utensils to create the curlers.
  • Always keep your hair damp. So that the liquid can penetrate the strands very well and is much easier to handle.
  • Hold the curls for 20 minutes. It may be longer depending on the product you purchased.
  • Rinse the rollers with warm water without removing the rollers and apply the neutralizer that came along with the liquid for the perm.
  • Gently remove the rollers and rinse your hair once more with just lukewarm water.
  • Let it dry naturally, and don’t wash or comb it for 48 hours. 

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