How to make original and homemade perfumes or essential oils with flowers and plants and without alcohol

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We all love perfumes and essential oils, making a homemade lemon, flower or cinnamon perfume is something we can learn from home and with few ingredients. If you did not know about the world of homemade perfumes and oils, it is your time, you have come to the right place.

How to Make Homemade Perfume or Scent Easily

If you have wondered how to make a homemade perfume, in this part we will leave you without doubts. Easy-to-prepare homemade flavorings only require you to gather the materials and essences for their preparation.

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The ingredients to make perfumes or flavorings are the following:

  • Pure alcohol without any smell.
  • Some water.
  • Essential oils of your choice.
  • A dark glass container.

In general, three essential oils are required for any home fragrance or flavoring. If you have wondered how to make perfumes with essential oils, it is the same procedure for a homemade perfume.

The main essential oil is the most important since it is the one that will give the first impression of the perfume, even if it is the aroma that remains the least time when used.

A citrus aroma is recommended for the main oil, be it lemon, orange or grapefruit. The second oil is considered the central aroma. Floral aromas are used for this. Finally, the third oil should be light because it is the one that will stay the longest on the skin.

It should be noted that the amounts of each product vary with the amount you want. What you must understand is that the second and third oil are placed in double quantity before the first.

For the preparation, you must dilute the alcohol with a little water, then add the amount of each oil you have chosen, mix the ingredients in the bottle you chose and that’s it. You should let the perfume or scent rest for three days, then freeze it and filter it.

How to make original essential oils

There are three easy ways to make essential oils from home. Imagine that the procedure is like making a homemade perfume with flowers.

The first method is to choose the oil of your choice, it can be olive, almond, sunflower and even coconut oil. The oil will depend on your preferences in terms of the properties that you want to reflect in the essential oil.

Then you will require some kind of flower that will give the essential oil a scent. The flower or branch you choose also depends on the benefits you want to reflect in your oil.

Now it only remains to find a glass container where to place the oil along with the flowers that we have selected. Once we have gathered the ingredients, we close the pot and store it in a place totally isolated from sunlight for three months. After this time, you can use the oil.

If you are a little more anxious than the rest, you can place your bottle of oil in a water bath for 10 minutes and it will cause the same effect. You can also leave the container for 40 days near a window where sunlight enters but does not fall directly on the container.

Ingredients and recipe to prepare homemade perfume with flowers and plants

To prepare a very easy recipe for perfume with flowers and plants, you will need the following:

  • A container.
  • A gauze
  • Flowers of your choice (we recommend roses and daisies).

What you should do with these ingredients is, place the gauze on top of the container. Then, on top of the gauze, place the flowers and try to fit everything into the container, but leaving the corners of the gauze outside of it. Once everything is ready, place water on top of the flowers.

The combination of flowers is the one of your preferences. One limitation is that you must place more flowers than water. The flowers must be fresh so that your perfume will last longer.

You are going to let the flowers stay with the water in the container for 24 hours. After this time, you are going to take the gauze and squeeze the water that is left in the flowers. The water that remains in the container will be left over low heat until it is consumed by a tablespoon and that’s it.

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