How to make quick and easy hairstyles with water waves, natural, with short and long hair

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You have surely seen the different trends in beach or surf waves, and you have been impregnated in this unique and striking hairstyle. And that is why, this time we bring you the best ideas for you to wear a unique hairstyle in a matter of minutes. How to make hairstyles with water waves.

This style of waves to the water is so fashionable, that we have been able to see many celebrities and influencers wearing them this season. And the truth is that they offer a unique opportunity to wear carefree hairstyles, without having to sacrifice elegance or femininity. Learn how to comb your hair here!

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Making the waves in the water is not something very difficult, and you will only have to use a heat tool to make them. It can be a curling iron or an iron, as you prefer and it is more comfortable for you. And follow these steps:

  • Divide your hair into different sections

This is the first step, so that the hair is separated into different sections and it is easier to manipulate it. The best way to do it is to divide it into four. Two in the front and two behind.

  • Go making the waves

Let go of a section of the hair, and in it go making the waves strand by strand. You can make them as thick as you want, but remember that the less hair you take, the narrower the waves will be. And how we want the waves to be soft and waterproof, take a thick strand of hair.

  • Make the waves around your hair

Remember to protect your hair with a heat protectant before you start doing the waves. This will also give you a much brighter, healthier, and longer-lasting finish.

  • Keep them in place with the help of forks

Keep in mind that the waves must all be made in the same direction. You do not want to have a lack of control in the waves, because they will not look perfect. As you do them, protect the waves with hairpins that are not so tight so that they do not mark the hair and seal with hairspray.

Best hairstyles ideas with natural waves

Waving throughout your hair is the best way to look super natural and feminine. Waves offer us many opportunities to look radiant by using many different styles of hair, such as the following:

Semi collected with braids

By mixing the braids with the waves, it results in a very carefree and casual style. With two front strands, make two thick braids that you will join at the back of the hair. The rest of your hair can be curled with the help of a curling iron and you will be ready.

Waves raised and semi collected

Leaving the braids aside, you can create soft waves in the front of the hair. Take them up to give a wave effect, and fix them to the side of the ears. This will make your face look sleeker, and the waves will cascade down to your shoulders.

Waves between braids

This is a bit more complicated to perform, but the results are exquisite. As you braid a strand through the entire scalp, go through several strands and loosen the braid more and more. The result will be an open braid, with many wavy strands falling in the middle of it.

Wave with super braid

The styles styling has evolved with the passage of time, and so did the braids. It is fashionable to wear a very wide braid at the back of the hair, starting from the crown and ending in cascading waves towards the back of the hair.

Quick and easy hairstyles with waves for short and long hair

  • The waves are here for everyone. Including short hair and softer manes. Don’t say no to water waves and try these styles: Fixed waves

A very catwalk style, where the waves instead of falling freely are very fixed creating a wall of hair with very pronounced waves.

  • Half-sided open waves

In this case, the hair is semi-gathered, and the waves fall freely on one side of the face, and on the other they are partially hidden behind the ears.

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