How to make the best boxer braids

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Boxer braids are, today, a hairstyle that has managed to create a trend. Also known as boxer braids, this type of braid has become one of the ways to show off hair that more and more women use as a complement to sports outfits especially. The good thing is that once you learn, you will do it quickly and without the need for pigtails, giving your hair a new look much fresher.

If you want to know how to make them easily, do not miss the next step by step.

Step by step to comb your hair with boxer braids

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Boxer braids are made in two parts of the hair, one on each side, and these are two types of root braids that allow the face to look completely clear. It is for this reason that women who usually perform sports, opt for this hairstyle to be easy and very practical.

To make boxer braids easily you must follow the steps indicated below:

  • First of all you must carefully comb the hair so that it is free of tangles
  • Then you must divide the hair into two halves with the same volume of hair in each of them. Take one of these sections and start making a root braid: take the strand closest to the forehead and divide it into three equal sections.
  • Start by making two braids, and take another three loose strands of hair. When you make three braids, keep incorporating new strands. The braid should be stuck to the head. When you have passed the part of the head, you should continue braiding without taking more strands, like a simple braid.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other part of the hair until you reach the end of the strand. Keep in mind that you are braiding continuously taking the hair that is loose.
  • Reinforce the initial part so that the hair does not come loose, and as you braid go making the movements so that the hair is looser, leaving a more open braid that will be ideal for women with less volume of hair.

If you want the hairstyle to remain intact for longer you should apply a little lacquer.

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