How to moisturize dry and damaged hair

How to moisturize dry and damaged hair

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It doesn’t matter how your hair is; long, short, curly, straight, dyed or natural, there are hair problems that accompany all types of hair if proper care and maintenance are not carried out. It is inevitable that, over time, our hair will be affected both by external factors such as the sun, pollution or humidity, as well as by internal problems such as unbalanced diets or sedentary lifestyles. All this can be reflected in our hair in a very similar way regardless of the type of hair we have.

How to moisturize dry and damaged hair

Among all these problems, one of the most repeated years after year and that drives many people crazy is dryness and hair damage, especially on the ends. The chlorine in the pool, the sun, the use of irons or carelessness can make your hair look neglected and brittle. That is why, in this new article, we are going to give you the keys to know how to recover dry and damaged hair and show it off as if it had just come out of the hairdressers from the comfort of your home with a series of tips on how to moisturize your hair. dry and damaged.

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Use a moisturizing shampoo

It seems obvious but our hair always needs an extra touch of hydration, especially in the summer and autumn months, when it is more punished by too much sun or when it tends to fall out the most. That is why one of the bases of good hair care lies in using quality products and specific shampoos for hair care and hydration.

Although you can use many more products for a good hydration of the hair fibers, such as masks, oils and other specific treatments. Here you can find several Masks to moisturize the hair.

Don’t forget the conditioner

Parallel to the shampoo, we must not forget the importance of a good conditioner, since it will provide extra much more localized hydration and, in addition, it will better protect our hair and soften it so that hair does not fall out or break due to the dreaded tangles or knots. It is recommended that the conditioner you use has oils and other natural ingredients, leaving aside the aggressive chemicals. If you wish, you can also try making homemade hair masks. By reading this other post you can learn more about what the conditioner is for.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Many people have gotten used to washing their hair every day to see that from one day to the next it already looks straight and dull. However, the longer this routine continues, the worse our hair will look, since so much washing can end up disarranging the natural oils of the scalp and making the hair fibers fragile. You can try using dry shampoo and space the washes with days apart.

Find out more about this issue by reading this other article from where we clarify the doubt about Is washing your hair every day bad?

Use weekly treatments

In addition to a good shampoo and its corresponding conditioner, if you notice that your hair seems to be asking for help and it looks very damaged, you can consider starting a moisturizing and regenerating treatment once a week. They can be homemade masks or some hairdressing product.

Due to the power and specialization of these products, they should only be used once a week but, with consistency, the results will be noticed in a short time. In addition, there are really powerful regeneration and hydration focused hairdressing treatments that need to be used once every few weeks or months.

Be careful with irons and dryers

One of the worst enemies of hair is heat and if it is high temperature and for long periods of time, it will be the perfect cocktail to spoil and damage our hair. That is why you must be careful and avoid as much as possible the abuse of machines such as the iron, the tongs or the dryer itself. Instead, try towel-drying your hair and then air-drying it or blow-drying it at natural temperature. If there is no other remedy, protect your hair with special products to use heat with a dryer or iron.

Include healthy fats in your diet

What you eat is what you end up seeing on the outside and the same thing happens with your hair. As much as the idea has been tried that eating fat is not healthy, the truth is that our body needs healthy fats, such as some oils, avocado or nuts to have a good development, although as with everything, it should not be abused either. That is why, if you want to have shiny and well-groomed hair, you should pay attention to your diet and make sure you include a certain number of foods with good fats. Here you can learn more about What foods contain healthy fats.

Protect yourself from the strong sun

As we said, the sun and heat are one of the worst enemies of hair. Especially in the summer months, our scalp can suffer from dryness and even burns if it is not protected, the same thing happens with the hair fibers themselves, which become more dehydrated. Nowadays, they sell sunscreens for hair but, if not, it is as easy as wearing caps and hats in the hottest moments.

Be careful in summer

Other adverse effects of summer for our hair are external agents, such as chemical products. Salt water from the sea, products to repel insects, chlorine in swimming pools or constant humidity can damage and break our hair. That is why during the hottest months we must take special care and keep our hair clean and hydrated if we do not want to reach autumn with dry and damaged hair.

Discover more tips for this time of year by reading these articles on How to take care of your hair on the beach and how to take care of your hair in summer.

Avoid very tense hairstyles

Another factor to take into account, and that we often overlook, is the type of hairstyle that we tend to use. The healthiest thing for our hair is to wear it loose and untangled, but it is quite common to use hairstyles such as pigtails, braids or bows. All of them are fine as long as they respect the elasticity of our hair. However, we must bear in mind that very tight hairstyles tend to damage our hair and make it weak and brittle.

Clean the ends frequently

Despite all the above guidelines, one of the most radical remedies that never fails is to visit the hairdresser from time to time to clean up and remove the most damaged parts, leaving the way for new hair. In particular, it is recommended to pay a visit to the hairdresser or barber after the summer to assess damage and recover dry and damaged hair, going on to have healthier hair. If you want more information on the topic of cleaning up your hair, don’t miss these other posts on What happens if you don’t cut the ends of your hair? and how often to cut your hair.

With all these keys you will be able to have more hydrated hair and even recover it when it is very dry. In addition, we also advise you to take into account the scalp, since after all it is where the hair fibers grow and for them to be healthy, it must be too. Therefore, we recommend you read about How to moisturize the scalp.

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