How to remove a permanent tattoo

How to remove a permanent tattoo

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Removing a permanent tattoo is something that we have come to consider because it was not what we should tattoo, or that we are no longer with that important person in our life, and even because something that you thought was amazing, now you see it grotesque. Many also remove it out of repentance.

There are many ways to remove a tattoo from your skin, looking for help in other methods that will leave us happier.

1 Laser

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Despite its cost, they have already specialized in this field and removing a tattoo, depending on the size it has, can be more or less expensive. The good thing, that the price to remove the tattoo from the skin, will not moth your pockets. Remember to go to a specialized clinic, do not look for the cheapest prices, but the most serious and find out the opinions.

2 Covers

The covers, are other tattoos, that is, tattoo on tattoo. If you like tattoos, but not a specific one, the solution is to cover it with a tattoo that really means something to you. The positive side of this type of solution, you will get an incredibly more striking tattoo, with bright colors and strength in the lines, because they have to stand out from the one you want to eliminate and also, they leave it well hidden. The negative side, which must be something bigger and maybe more striking, to be able to hide it.

3 Makeup

You may like the tattoo, you may not want to get rid of it, but you do want to hide it for a certain purpose. The best thing we can do is cover it temporarily. We can get creams that are able to respect the tone of your skin and cover all the lines of your tattoo.

You can try Vichy Dermablend, which is not only valid for scars or stretch marks, which lasts up to 16 hours. We also have Dermacolor Camuflage from Kryolan, with a wide range of colors that you can combine and that are also at a good price. And finally, Coverskin, a waterproof makeup.

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