How to shave or rake the armpits, legs and private parts such as the pubis without pain.

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The body hair is commonly considered unhygienic or bad taste in some areas like private parts, armpits and legs. There are several forms of hair removal, below, you can see which is the most appropriate or the one that may attract your attention. Waxing your armpits will no longer be a problem after you pay attention here.

First, it is important to note that after shaving with a blade, the hair does not increase in thickness or grow stronger, instead, it grows faster since it is cut flush with the skin but is not completely eliminated from the root as happens with other methods like waxing or laser hair removal.

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How to shave your armpits and legs without pain

Unlike the area of ​​the legs, the skin that is in the armpits is much more sensitive, you must be very careful when waxing this area. Before shaving the armpits and legs, it is advisable to take a bath with warm water to open the pores and soften the hair, exfoliate the skin and after applying shaving gel, use a blade, preferably new or that has not been used more than 3 times.

To shave your legs without pain, be careful with the knee, flex it when shaving the front part and straighten the leg when shaving behind the knee, you also have to be careful with the joints such as the ankle as it is easy to scratch that one zone.

For its part, with the armpits, you have to have your arm extended to stretch the skin and remove the hair without problems. Being an area of ​​difficult access, it is recommended to pass the blade in several directions, either up or down and to the sides.

After waxing, the use of natural moisturizers such as aloe Vero or almond oil is suggested and in the case of the armpits, do not apply any antiperspirant until after a few hours.

How to shave intimate areas without cutting myself

After several days without waxing, the hair is too long to directly use a razor. You should reduce it a bit with scissors or an electric razor so that the blade does not have problems. Then you must follow the steps you perform for underarm or leg waxing. Do not forget to take a warm bath, it is extremely important to exfoliate the skin and apply a considerable amount of shaving gel.

When shaving the intimate area with a rake, shave against the direction of hair growth to achieve better epilation. What you must do to avoid cuts in the intimate areas is to use new blades. Being able to shave with a razor without pimples is synonymous with using cold water after waxing.

This is because to depilate the intimate area with a rake without irritating it is vital to close the pores with cold water after waxing. Applying natural moisturizers and avoiding wearing tight clothing for hours after shaving also prevents irritations and pimples.

Which is better, shaving or waxing?

Achieving optimal hair removal can vary depending on the person and the characteristics of their skin. That is why it is recommended to go to a specialist such as a dermatologist. Of course, in the event that when shaving or waxing intimate parts, legs or armpits, unfavorable results are achieved.

In the case of sensitive skin, hair removal with a razor or wax can be counterproductive. However, it should be noted that waxing is more effective. In this case the hair takes longer to appear and therefore it will take longer before the shaving session.

There are different types of waxing such as the application of hot wax or cold wax bands, this diversity allows you to choose the one that suits you best and considers appropriate for your skin. When waxing, the skin preparation process is the same, the area to be waxed must be clean with the hair trimmed by scissors and the skin previously exfoliated.

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