How to use the right makeup remover to help clean and protect the skin safely

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In the daily skincare routine, makeup removal is an important step that you definitely should not skip. At this time, the task of makeup remover cotton is to help clean the skin most effectively. However, not all beauty believers know how to use a standard makeup remover. You can refer to the following article of BeautyStyleHub to have a more beautiful experience for yourself.

Learn about makeup remover cotton and its uses

Before learning how to use a cotton pad, you need to know precisely what a makeup remover is. Makeup remover cotton, also known as cotton, makeup cotton, … is originally an item used for skincare. Cotton has a 2-sided texture of cotton and in the middle is a tightly pressed cotton layer. Makeup remover cotton has many different shapes such as round, square, rectangular to suit different needs and uses.

So, what is the use of makeup remover?

Facial cleansing: You can use makeup remover cotton to remove makeup, dirt, dead cells, etc., to clean the skin, help clear facial skin, and prevent acne.

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Skincare mask: You can also use makeup remover cotton as a tool to support skincare. In this way, take a cotton pad soaked in some lemon juice to apply to the nose area to help reduce blackheads. You can also choose thin cotton to make a lotion mask or absorb toner and lotion to make a moisturizing mask.

Replace face towels: After washing your face, you often have the habit of using a towel to dry your face. However, to ensure more hygiene, you can also use makeup remover cotton to absorb the water on the skin.

Replace oil blotting paper: Oil blotting paper is always an inseparable object for girls with oily skin. However, overusing oil blotting paper can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. So, the best way is to use makeup remover cotton to clean the sebum without losing the necessary moisture on the skin.

How to use makeup remover

If you do not know how to use the correct makeup remover, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Use makeup remover to wet cotton.

Step 2: Use a cotton pad to gently wipe your face, so you should rub the cotton in the direction from the bottom up to avoid sagging skin. You should also pay attention and skillfully clean the eye area, eye corner, nose area, lip corner; you can use another cotton pad to clean effectively.

Step 3: Wet your face, use a facial cleanser to massage your face for about 3 minutes and then wash your face with water.

Step 4: Use a cotton pad to dry your face.

Step 5: Use another cotton pad to absorb rose water and gently apply to the skin, then continue to apply toner to moisturize and shrink pores.

5 important notes when using makeup remover cotton

Makeup remover cotton style needs attention

How to use makeup remover cotton effectively needs to pay attention to the style of the cotton pad. For example, a round cotton pad is often used to remove makeup, absorb toner, toner or wash your face. Unfolded rectangular cotton should be used to wipe toner, while rectangular cotton with 2 folds can remove makeup and wipe toner. Cotton makeup remover bag is quite thick, absorbs water, and holds water best.

How to use makeup remover

It is misusing makeup remover cotton; removing makeup too quickly or too strongly will make the cotton pad not promote its full effect, even affecting the skin. The correct way to use a cotton pad is to soak it in the makeup remover solution, place it on the skin for about 15 seconds, and then gently wipe it.

Make the most of the benefits of makeup remover cotton

In addition to removing makeup, dirt, makeup remover cotton also has many other uses to help you take care of your skin effectively. To not waste the great benefits of cotton pads and quickly get healthy and beautiful skin, use a cotton pad to apply toner, make a mask or replace a towel, blotting paper, etc.

Pay attention to the thickness of the cotton pad

Not only do you know how to use makeup remover cotton, but you should also pay attention to choosing the proper makeup remover with the right thickness to ensure softness and absorbency. Ideally, the thickness of the cotton pad should be about 0.3cm.

Be careful when removing makeup in the eye and lip area

Eyes and lips are the most sensitive, vulnerable, and complex areas to clean. So, the way to use makeup remover cotton for these skin areas is to do it gently, avoiding vigorous rubbing.

How to use a standard makeup remover is not as difficult as many people think. The most important thing is that you need to choose a quality makeup remover and apply it properly, as Dep 365 shared above, to get healthy and beautiful skin.

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